"Cook It Yourself" — Netizens Amused At Woman's Very Specific Fried Rice Order

The customer began with instructions to wash the wok and use only fresh oil to prepare the dish.

Cover image via Kementerian Netizen Malaysia (Facebook) & Bristol Indonesian Society

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A woman's detailed instructions for fried rice ordered through a food delivery app has garnered widespread attention

The incident came to light after a picture of the order's receipt, which included extensive instructions to the restaurant on how the fried rice should be prepared, was shared on community Facebook page Kementerian Netizen Malaysia on 10 November.

According to the post, the customer began with instructions to wash the wok and use only fresh oil to prepare the dish.

Additionally, the customer asked for vegetables, chicken, squid, prawns, egg, soy sauce, and belacan to be excluded. Instead, the customer specified that the dish should consist of garlic, onions, bird's eye chillis, and a pinch of salt and sugar.

Towards the end of the order, the customer requested for the fried rice to be "extra pedas". She ended with an apology, explaining that she had just given birth and was in her confinement period.

The post swiftly gained attention, sparking various reactions from netizens

"Confinement, but eating extra spicy food, aren't you afraid of getting haemorrhoids?" remarked a user, humorously highlighting the unusual preference for spice during confinement.

"Better to just give her white rice," joked another.

One user commented, "If you have a lot of money, you can order through Grab. It's better to order a confinement meal set. Nowadays, there are sellers who cook confinement meals."

"If you're in confinement, cook it yourself," said another.

"It's not fair to the vendors. It's better for them to reject orders like this because if it doesn't align with the customer's intentions, they might get a bad review," suggested one user.

Meanwhile, in June, a Malaysian man won hearts for cooking for his daughter-in-law during her confinement period:

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