Hearts Melt Over Kind Pak Cik Who Cooked & Delivered Food For His Daughter-In-Law To Eat

According to the daughter-in-law, her in-laws' caring gestures made up for her bad experience during her confinement period last year.

Cover image via @thenaddynad (Twitter)

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Some people are extremely lucky to be born into great families. Others get even luckier when they find the same kindness and care from their in-laws too.

Malaysian small business owner, Nadd, recently shared a heartwarming moment between her and her father-in-law on Twitter.

Attaching a video to her tweet, Nadd posted a clip of her father-in-law delivering food to her house. Perfectly placed on a serving tray, the pak cik walks right into the house and places the items on her dining room table. 

Full of smiles, Nadd's father-in-law gleefully uttered, "Room service," as he walked into the house.

Nadd's father-in-law delivering food to her house.

Image via @naddynad (Twitter)

Opening up about her journey in the tweet, Nadd revealed that she's extra grateful for her caring in-laws, as a year ago, she faced some difficulties during her confinement period after giving birth

In another tweet, Nadd revealed that her confinement lady once gave her a hot compress massage while watching a livestream on her phone. As a result, she left the hot compress on Nadd's stomach for too long, making her feel like her stomach was on fire.

On top of that, she would also cook food that wasn't the most suitable for mothers in their confinement period, such as vegetable soup with sliced sausage pieces.

However, Nadd also stated how her in-laws's caring gestures made up for it in spades, including the moment her father-in-law sent her food, despite her not being in her confinement period anymore.

Check out the tweet on Nadd's previous experience below:

Melting hearts across Twitter, many Malaysians chimed in on how sweet they thought Nadd's father-in-law's gesture was

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One Twitter user shared how her mother and father-in-law also treated her with a lot of kindness when she was going through her confinement period.

"My mother-in-law and father-in-law always helped take care of me. They'd cook me delicious food, so thank goodness during that period I had the appetite to eat. If not, I'd be nauseous," she wrote.

Another user also mentioned how touched he was that Nadd's father-in-law truly treated her as though she was his own child.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

In a world where kindness is sometimes hard to find, these are moments to truly treasure.

Check out the full tweet below:

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