Primary Kids Affectionately Bid Their Teacher Farewell Before Going For School Holidays

"Let's spread love regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion."

Cover image via @gayathirichandra (TikTok)

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While a teacher's role is to educate children on things that will prepare them for the real world, some lessons in life simply can't be taught in a classroom

A recent TikTok has been making waves on the Internet for the affection shared between a teacher and her students

In the 50-second clip, 28-year-old Gayathiri Chandra can be seen bidding farewell to her students before they go on their first term holiday. 

At the beginning of the TikTok, one girl can be seen giving her teacher a kiss on the cheek before hugging her. A slew of other students also give their teacher salam and hugs, all while wearing their schoolbags. One cheeky little boy can be seen playfully choking Gayathiri after giving her a big hug.

The feature ends after all the students get their farewells in before going home.

Screen grab from the TikTok.

Image via @gayathirichandra (TikTok)

Garnering massive attention online, Gayathiri's TikTok has since accumulated more than four million views and over 300,000 likes

Hearts were warmed throughout the comments section, with many people pointing out how sweet the children were with their teacher.

"The first girl who gave her a kiss is so sweet, she really loves her teacher," wrote one person.

Some even mentioned how their own primary school years were never filled with teachers they were close to, most of which were scared of them.

However, the small boy who playfully choked Gayathiri did have his share of fans in the comments, too. "There are also those who love their teachers so much that they choke them," jokingly penned one person.

Nonetheless, a slew of the comments also praised Gayathiri for the clear closeness she has built with her kids throughout the school year

"This teacher is the best. A child's love is pure. I believe this teacher is really loved," wrote one person.

Multiple other users even congratulated the teacher for being so warm with her students, showing that kindness and candour go a long way.

"It's very clear how affectionate the teacher is with her students. Thank you for being a teacher who doesn't think of race or religion, so much love!" commented another user.

On her TikTok page, Gayathiri also posts other videos of her students and her life as an educator at the primary school she works at, which is based in Kuala Lumpur

Among some of Gayathiri's other popular videos on TikTok include treating her students to snacks on their last day of school, highlighting their successes in exams, and teaching them using diverse methods of learning in class.

In a brief conversation with SAYS, Gayathiri revealed that the whole purpose of her sharing her experiences as an educator was to show how amazing her kids are. Tying it together with an important message, Gayathiri shows Malaysians everywhere the values these primary school goers have displayed so effortlessly.

"I just want to show how these kids express their unconditional love to me, how polite they are, and how wonderful they are. So let's spread love, regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion," she said to this SAYS writer.

Gayathiri teaching her students using a 3D workbook in another TikTok.

Image via @gayathirichandra (TikTok)

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