Kind Man Jumps Over Neighbour's Wall To Take In Their Clothes As It Starts To Rain

The man immediately jumps back after pulling the laundry rack into the shaded compound.

Cover image via @littlemonster316 (TikTok)

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It's always a privilege to get to know your neighbours.

Beyond sharing a common living area, having good neighbours who are willing to go the extra mile for one another is always a plus to maintain a harmonious living environment.

One woman, on the other hand, may have hit the metaphorical jackpot when it comes to neighbours after a heartwarming video went viral online.

Posted to the Thai TikTok account @littlemonster316, the clip shows an angle of CCTV footage outside of the user's house, specifically the porch within her gated compound. The 38-second feature begins with a visual of it raining outside. Unfortunately for the home owner, she'd left numerous items of clothing to be dried on a clothes rack outside.

However, the clip quickly shows a man jumping over the side barrier that divides two houses. Dressed in red, the man jumps the wall and into the compound of the TikTok user's home. Without hesitating, he walks over to the clothes rack and pulls it into the shaded region of the porch, saving the items from getting wet.

Waiting for a split second, the man sees if the rain gets heavier, proceeding to pull the rack in just a tad bit more. After that, he immediately jumps back over the wall, and into the compound of the house next door.

Warming hearts all around the world, the TikTok video has garnered over 11 million views and 200,000 likes in just two days

Expressing their thoughts, thousands of TikTok users poured into the comments section to tell the poster of the video to appreciate the man for doing such a good deed. 

The user herself had later mentioned in the comments that the man is a carpenter who was working for her neighbour. In her caption, the user simply wrote, "I'm grateful."

"At first I thought he was going for the car! But he just came over to help move the clothes because it was raining. How lucky for you to get a neighbour like this," wrote on user.

"Good people will always do good deeds," penned another.

Watch the full clip on TikTok below:

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