"It's So Comfy" — Mak Cik Demonstrates How To Swaddle A Baby On TikTok Using A Kitten

And the most manja pet in the world goes to...

Cover image via @nazzly8 (TikTok)

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It's not an uncommon sight for certain people to refer to their pets as their own babies.

But one mak cik seems to be taking that thought process to a whole new level of adorable!

A recent TikTok has been going viral after a vibrant mak cik shows how to swaddle a baby.

While it may not sound relatively interesting at first sight to those who aren't new parents, she grabs a slew of attention online after it was revealed who her little model was for the presentation — a cute cat!

Explaining her steps through the process, she lays the cat down on its back and begins by tucking the right corner of the swaddle under its back, and then doing the same to the left side before folding it underneath the cat.

Throughout the video, the cat lies perfectly still as she wraps it, content and comfortable in place. It's not until the end of the video that it sticks its paw out for a bit of attention.

The feature ends with the mak cik picking up the cat to show the completed swaddle in all its glory.

A subsequent TikTok was also posted a few days later of the mak cik posing with the cat, with it looking sleek and comfy in its swaddle.

The TikTok has garnered over one million views and about 100,000 likes in just two weeks

Captivated by the video, many pointed out how cute the cat was throughout the clip. "It's so comfortable," wrote one person, while another stated, "It's so spoilt. Smiling at the camera while he's being wrapped."

Others agreed with the sentiment, and pointed out how pleased it was with its performance. "It's willing to help mak cik do a demonstration."

A few others even commented that it's a natural in front of the camera, calling it a professional model even. "It even has the courtesy to look at the camera," funnily wrote one TikTok user.

"It seems fitting that the model will sit quietly," wrote another.

Watch the full clip on TikTok below:

@nazzly8 Tak ada baby nak tunjuk cara bedung? No problem. Si bulus ada boleh jadi model #kampung #tradisi #kucing #bayi #bedung original sound - Teh O Ais - Nazzly

In Vietnam, one grandpa demonstrated how to wash a baby while using his cat as the model:

Completely unbothered, this doggo sat atop the roof of a random Malaysian's car — and wasn't tempted to move even when she arrived:

If you need your daily dose of adorable animals, here are some precious pets being the cutest:

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