"Don't Take My Apollo" – This Greedy Cat Is Here To Steal Our Hearts & Hoard Our Snacks

Sharing is caring, but not for this cat.

Cover image via @kimsyaf20 (TikTok)

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A 40-second video of a cat hugging packets of Apollo layer cakes went viral on TikTok, capturing the hearts of netizens

The video starts with a woman holding up the cat who seems to be hugging two packets of Apollo layer cakes with its little paws.

As the person recording nears the cat, it starts meowing as if worried its precious cakes would be taken away.

She then proceeds to take one of the layer cakes from the cat's clutches. The cat holds on to the remaining packet dearly, even though the owner fails to take it away.

Although she struggles a little, @kimsyaf20 is successful in taking the other packet of layer cake off of the cat's paws.

After the packet is taken away, the cat meows pleadingly and sulks while burying its face in its owner's embrace.

@kimsyaf20, disheartened by the cat's sad expression, decides to return the packets of layer cake to the cat. "Here, here, here," she says as she returns the Apollo packet back to the cat.

With its eyes still averted, the cat takes back the layer cakes.

At the time of writing, @kimsyaf20's TikTok has received 12.2 million views, 2.2 million likes, and 40.8K comments

Most of the comments praised the cuteness and cleverness of the cat.

"It knows how to sulk. Very, very cute!" commented one user.

Another user praised how cute and clever the cat is and also questioned if it actually eats the layer cakes.

Some users even laughed at how the cat took back the layer cake packets without looking back at @kimsyaf20. "The level of sulking. The paws are reaching [for the Apollo packets], [but] its eyes are averted elsewhere," a netizen wrote.

Image via TikTok

Watch the cat's shenanigans here:


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Instead of snacks, this cat is stealing people's husbands:

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