Couple In Shock After Spotting 2 Men Trying To Break Into Their Cheras Home On 12th Floor

The men climbed down to the balcony from the floor above, according to the woman.

Cover image via @phoebeshafinaz (Instagram)

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At past midnight yesterday, 30 March, a woman and her husband were left shell-shocked after spotting two men on their 12th floor balcony

The incident happened at around 12.43am on Thursday, when the woman, Phoebe Shafinaz, and her husband, Sofian Ramli, were chilling in the living room of their unit in a condominium in Cheras, Selangor.

"I was scrolling my phone when my husband suddenly screamed," Phoebe wrote in her Instagram post.

When she looked up, she saw a man about 6ft-tall on her balcony. The man tried to open the sliding door when the couple saw another man climbing down to the balcony from the floor above.

According to Phoebe, she has always been paranoid about her safety and that of her loved ones. And the shocking incident has now proven that "it's not all that bad to be paranoid".

The couple kept screaming at the two men, with the husband running to the sliding door to make sure the door was tightly locked

Phoebe, too, ran after Sofian, as she feared for his safety.

"I ran towards my husband and pulled him away from the door to make sure he was safe then called the police and security, and sent an SOS message in my condo WhatsApp group," she wrote.

She noticed the man on the balcony was shushing them to keep quiet as he tried to open the door.

Phoebe's husband checking the balcony.

Image via @phoebeshafinaz (Instagram)

Fortunately for the couple, the men gave up and climbed down

According to Phoebe, the two men continued climbing down to the levels below.

Phoebe hasn't lodged a police report as the condominium's security has taken over the case. One of the security guards told her that one of the men was caught but the other escaped.

However, what's been bothering Phoebe is that she suspects the two men are most probably tenants above her unit as she recalls seeing them in the lift previously.

"And they pushed the 13th floor [button]. I feel like those I saw yesterday were the same people I saw in the lift," she told this SAYS writer, adding that the condominium's security measures are in place.

The couple, however, couldn't be at peace after the incident

"We're a bit traumatised but we have learnt a lot from this experience," Phoebe wrote, adding that they couldn't sleep last night after the incident and so they booked a hotel room to rest before work.

She shared that several things keep lingering on her mind, including the possibility of what could have happened to her husband and her if the men had managed to break into their home.

"What would happen if we were already asleep when they were there?"

According to Phoebe, her worst fear has now come true

"Nothing is impossible these days. Anything could happen. I've been imagining seeing someone on my balcony since I moved in. And [now] it happened," she shared in her post.

Speaking to this SAYS writer, Phoebe noted that she has been hearing stories about people climbing up and down the balconies, which is something that has fuelled her paranoia.

"We have been officially living here for only a year after we got married," Phoebe told this SAYS writer.

She bought the unit about a decade earlier.

Still, Phoebe finds hope in the realisation that her husband would do anything to keep her safe, including risking his own life

"The sweetest thing that I learned out of this experience is that my husband would do ANYTHING to keep me safe," she wrote, adding, "He literally risked his safety just to lock the door."

She also reminded others to make sure their doors and windows are locked.

"Such a simple gesture but could be the reason you're still alive."

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