CCTV Footage Shows A Couple Trying To Fight Off A Parang-Holding Robber In PJ

The husband was slashed with the machete a couple of times during the incident.

Cover image via New Straits Times

A couple suffered a traumatising experience when they were attacked by a robber at Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya last Monday, 16 July

The incident took place on the morning of 16 July, when the husband and wife had driven to a convenience store before heading to work. New Straits Times reported on 22 July, citing a CCTV footage that has been circulating on the net since last Sunday.

The CCTV captured the husband walking into the store as his wife waited for him in the car.

Shortly after, a robber was seen walking out of the shop holding a parang and tried to enter the couple's car. Just as he did, the husband ran out to chase him off but was slashed with the parang instead.

His wife was seen coming out of the car and both of them tried to fight back and chase the thief off.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zani Che Din said that the robber initially attacked the shopkeeper and stole some money from the cash register

According to a New Straits Times report, police said that the robber then slashed the husband with a parang and grabbed his car key.

When the victim ran after him, the robber slashed him again.

"The victim's wife then left the car and tried to help her husband by pulling the robber away but to no avail," the police chief added.

The robber then ran to the car and started to drive away. Determined to stop him from getting away, the wife also went into the car but left shortly after when she could not stop him. 

It was reported that the robber left behind a motorcycle at the store, which police believe was stolen. The shopkeeper was later said to have suffered from minor slash wounds as well.

CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media, as netizens were divided on how the couple should have handled the whole situation

While some commended the couple for being brave, others said that it was not wise for them to have fought back, as the injuries could have been a lot worse.

Photos of splattered blood on the pavement were also seen at the scene of the crime and were circulating the Internet.

Image via Facebook

You can watch a clip of the video footage below:

On the other hand, these thieves weren't as lucky when they tried to break someone's car window on Monday, 23 July:

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