Couple From Puchong Wins RM1 Million Jackpot On Their First Try

The man had forgotten about the lottery altogether until his wife reminded him.

Cover image via KL Expat Malaysia

With their first ever purchase of Big Sweep Super 7 tickets, a lucky young couple from Puchong won the jackpot

The pair won the grand prize of RM1 million, The Star reported.

The man revealed that he was passing an outlet selling the lottery tickets on his way to lunch when he suddenly felt "deeply attracted" to the tickets

Although he was unfamiliar with Super 7 tickets, which were selling at RM5 each, he decided to take a chance and buy 10 tickets.

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Image via Kwong Wah

The man had forgotten about the lottery altogether until one week later, when his wife inadvertently reminded him about the draw results

Curious about the results, he visited the Big Sweep website.

It was then that he discovered that one of his tickets, with the number 1864897, had won the grand prize.

The pair said that they had no expectations of winning, let alone becoming millionaires by hitting the jackpot

To them, buying tickets was a way to show empathy towards the elderly and disabled ticket sellers.

While the couple did not have any concrete plans for their win, they revealed that they may use the money to start their own business, The Star reported.

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