Customer Complains That They Don't Feel "Safe" At KL Cafe Because Of Foreign Staff

The customer has since removed their social media accounts and posts.

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A Malaysian customer has recently come under fire after complaining about feeling "unsafe" at a cafe in KL

The customer, who has since removed the post, left a review saying that they felt unsafe because Foo Foo Fine Desserts is operated by five foreign workers. 

"Haven't been there for awhile and it saddens me that this premium dessert outlet has been degraded relative to a wholesale Selayang market."

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The customer also messaged the cafe owners to share the same feedback.

In response, one of the owners explained to the customer that their staff are mild-mannered and excellent workers who have been with them for several years

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"Please be assured they're there to work, not to make you feel unsafe, for reasons unbeknownst to us," they added.

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The posts have since gone viral all over social media, as people criticised the customer for being racist

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It appears that the customer has since deleted their social media accounts.

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