Customer Demands Staff Be Sacked Over Missing Chilli Sauce From His Chicken Rice Order

"We make mistakes [...] however, don't raise your voice and make unreasonable demands."

Cover image via OK Chicken Rice (Facebook)

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Recently, a customer, who had placed an online order of chicken rice from a halal chicken rice chain in Singapore, demanded that the owner fire the staff for packing his delivery order without chilli sauce

According to Daniel Tan, the owner of OK Chicken Rice, the disgruntled customer called his personal number and allegedly raised his voice and demanded that the staff be sacked for trying to cheat them.

AsiaOne reported that the customer, who was frustrated after trying to contact the delivery platform, managed to get a hold of Tan's mobile number and called him while he was driving to dinner with his family.

Tan shared that the customer started shouting at him, accusing him of cheating.

"Finally I asked 'what do you want me to do as I don't have delivery staff'. He said either deliver it to him now as it's his right to have chilli or sack the staff," Tan was quoted as saying by AsiaOne.

Disturbed by the customer's sense of entitlement, Tan took to his company's Facebook page to apologise for the mistake while urging customers to behave and not make unreasonable demands

"Sorry guys, we make mistakes from time to time and we know how important chilli is to a chicken rice customer. Please, however, don't raise your voice and make unreasonable demands. Let us make it up to you properly and don't shout at us please," read the post that was uploaded on 21 January.

The post has since gone viral with over 400 comments.

One of the most liked comments under the post called out the customer for his sense of entitlement, saying, "If you don't like their service, don't patronise them in future. It's that simple."

According to the screenshot shared in the Facebook post, the owner apologised and offered multiple options to compensate the customer

"I'm sorry for the missed order and I'm willing to make it up to you," Tan wrote in his reply.

Tan explained to the customer that they have no personal riders and only have kitchen staff, but that he is willing to give the customer extra food if he can pick up the order himself.

He also offered to reimburse the customer his taxi fare "if you must have your chilli".

Tan then advised the customer to not make unreasonable demands and accusations.

"Our staff are human and from time to time make mistakes," he added.

Speaking of chicken rice, Agriculture and Food Security Minister Mohamad Sabu has assured that chicken supply for the domestic market will not be affected by the bird flu outbreak in Europe:

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