Man Attacks Worker At Restaurant Because He Got Fed Up Of Waiting For His Turn

The incident happened on the third day of CNY.

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A young cashier took a few punches to his face when an enraged customer lost his cool while trying to deal with the CNY rush

It is not unusual to expect a longer wait for a table or food to be served since most eateries saw an influx of customers over the weekend due to Chinese New Year celebrations.

However, one man who wanted to dine at a restaurant in a shopping mall ran out of patience and attacked an employee.

The incident which has gone viral on social media occurred at BBQ Plaza at Aeon shopping mall in Bukit Tinggi, Klang on Sunday, 18 February.

It was believed that the customer, who was upset due to the long queue, had to wait for 30 minutes outside the restaurant for a table

During the minute-long recorded video from the restaurant's CCTV, the suspect, wearing a dark t-shirt could be seen walking towards the cashier's counter and getting agitated. Within three seconds, the enraged man landed a punch on the cashier's face before he could even respond to any verbal abuse thrown by the man.

Unhappy with just one punch, the attacker then went behind the counter to continue throwing a fury of punches before the young cashier tried to fight back.

However, the cashier was overpowered by the angry man who proceeded to hit him four more times before they were separated by customers and staff.

Towards the end of the video, the cashier continued to do his job without a fuss, while the attacker left the restaurant.

One netizen suggested that we should not jump to conclusions too soon as there are always two sides to a story

Meanwhile, another netizen offered a good piece of life advice - if you can't be patient, don't wait

You can watch the full incident here:

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