Take A Look At Malaysia's First Bus That Runs Both On Land And Water

No, it's not going to sink...

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The RM3.3 million amphicoach or also known as amphibious bus purchased from Malta back in 2014 has finally arrived in Terengganu on Sunday, 18 February 2018

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The vehicle which can operate both on water and land was seen making waves at Sungai Terengganu, from Kampung Losong Feri to Pulau Wan Man in a 45-minute test run yesterday.

The purchase of the amphicoach was approved by former Terengganu Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said. The coach was purchased to ferry victims during the monsoon floods and to boost tourism in Terengganu.

The deal has been heavily scrutinised and politicised by opposition parties as the vehicle was supposed to have been delivered to Malaysia by mid-2015. It was believed that the delay was caused by transportation issues as well as amphicoach's failure to meet specifications required by the state government.

Malaysia is the first country in the Southeast Asia region to own this unique vehicle.

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Locals were delighted to finally see the amphicoach for the first time in action

Norabina Abdul Rahman, 40, from Ladang told Sinar Harian, "It was very satisfying to see such unique bus as well as the fact that we are the only state to own the vehicle. Not every country has an amphibious bus and Terrenganu is a state which owns one."

Zailawati Ali, 42, told Sinar Harian reporter, "As a Terengganu local, I'm proud that we own this vehicle. I've only seen this vehicle on YouTube and it's my first time seeing it with my own eyes."

You can watch videos of the amphicoach in action here:

The amphicoach will be publicly displayed in the Ekspo Terengganu 2018 at the State Sports Complex in Gong Badak from 25 February to 3 March

The amphibious coach is also expected to be used as a travel attraction at Tasik Kenyir, as well as providing a whole new experience to visitors.

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