Customers Allegedly Told To "Get Lost" By A&W Manager After Requesting For Drumsticks

A&W Malaysia has since reached out to the customer and apologised for the incident.

Cover image via Screenshot/SAYS

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A video of two customers arguing with an A&W manager who allegedly told them to "get lost" has gone viral this week

The three-minute-seven-second video starts with a woman asking the manager, "Why (did) you call me 'mampus'?" 

"I didn't say mampus," said the manager before one of the cashiers interrupted, saying, "He said berambus (get lost)."

The woman became furious and asked the meaning of that word. Before the manager could answer her, her husband shot him another one, "Why are you so angry?"

While the manager was trying to explain himself, the woman asked him again angrily, "Why are you angry? We were just asking..."

The customer's husband then said, "We asked for what we want. We are customers, right? Do we have the right (to make a request)?" While trying to respond, the manager was interrupted again, this time by the woman, yelling, "Can we make a request or not? Why did you tell us to get lost?"

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

The manager explained calmly that if the customers wanted drumsticks, they would not be able to get as many as they wanted

"If you still want them, we can only give you two or three pieces," he told them calmly.

The woman cut in again, saying, "I'm asking you once again. Why did you tell me to get lost?"

At this point, the manager seemed tired and moved away from the counter while the woman continued yelling, "You are a manager, you talk like that ah?"

The manager ignored her and said, "That's enough," while walking away.

The woman, still unsatisfied with his response, continued to question him, to which the manager responded with, "Because you were yelling at me!"

The manager finally lost his cool and snapped back at the customers

"Eh, you're so loud! Go away! Go away! Go away!" he yelled.

"See? You are the one who raised your voice at us, okay. You asked us to get lost. I'm the customer here," she complained.

Trying to resolve the issue, the manager said, "Enough. I'm not angry (anymore)," as the woman was shouting at him, asking him to apologise. The customer's husband then accused him of not giving an explanation to them about the chicken before telling them to leave.

When he tried to clarify what he had explained to the wife, the customer disregarded him. The manager snapped again saying, "You're being so loud!" before the cashier pushed him away from the counter.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

As he was walking away to the kitchen, the customer told him that they have rights as customers, to which he walked back to the counter and said, "I have my rights too."

While the manager was losing it, the staff pushed him to the kitchen to calm the situation.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

Netizens on Twitter think that there is more to the story than what was portrayed in the video

They think so because the video does not show what happened prior to the recording.

A Twitter user said, "If the manager had to intervene, it must have been because the customer started it first. And the video starts in the middle (of the incident)."

Another user empathised with the manager, saying, "I understand the manager's feelings. Why do they have to yell when they can settle it in a mannered way? If everyone interrupts each other like this, it's not going to be fair for both parties to explain themselves."

"The manager is not new to this job. If he loses it, that means you are the problem," tweeted another.

Image via Twitter

A&W Malaysia has reached out to the customer via TikTok and issued an apology

After the video went viral on TikTok, A&W stated in the comments section of the video that they have reached out to the customer personally to apologise.

In their comment, they said, "We don't tolerate such behaviour and will ensure that serious action will be taken on this."

The customer confirmed this in her Facebook update, saying that the A&W operations director had personally apologised to her yesterday, 2 August. In the update, she expressed hope for A&W Malaysia to improve their customer service moving forward.

Image via TikTok

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