Sabah Woman Furious After Waiter Calls Her An 'Alien' For Her Vegetarian Order

"Why can't people be more respectful? I seriously don't think it was funny."

Cover image via jcomp/freepik & Chong Kai Eng (Facebook)

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A woman in Sabah discovered that some staff at a restaurant she was eating at made fun of her for ordering a meatless meal

Facebook user Chong Kai Eng took to her account to share about the unpleasant experience she had at the restaurant in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday night, 4 April.

Chong clarified that she's a vegetarian, but often patronises regular restaurants because her husband eats meat.

She said that if a restaurant does not have vegetarian options, she is always open to order regular items on the menu, but will always ask the restaurant to make it vegetarian-friendly.

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Image via tirachard/freepik

So, on Sunday evening, she did as usual while out on a dinner date with her husband

Chong ordered a baked chicken pasta and told the waiter to only include the vegetables in her dish, not the chicken.

However, while waiting for the food to arrive, to her shock, she read the order checklist placed on their table.

According to the photo she posted, the waiter who took their order had keyed in, "Veggie only, no chicken, she's an alien, hehehe".

Angry at being made fun of for her dietary choice, the customer took to Facebook to ask if being a vegetarian was a laughing matter

"Am I wrong for being a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat? Why should I be called an alien? Aliens don't eat meat? Why can't people be more respectful?" she questioned.

"I seriously don't think it was funny," she added, saying that it was unprofessional and disrespectful of the staff to have done this at work.

"And to think I was so happy about coming out for a nice date with my husband. But I ended up with this."

In the end, Chong told SAYS that she brought up the issue with the manager before leaving the restaurant

However, she said the manager did not take her complaint seriously, nor did the waiter sincerely apologise for making fun of her.

"They told me 'Sorry, we were just having fun', that's it," she said.

"I can't even really remember if they said sorry, I just remember they were all playing around and acting like it was no big deal."

Her post has since garnered almost 700 shares, with netizens slamming the restaurant for being blatantly rude to a customer

"This is unacceptable! Absolutely no manners," said an angry netizen.

Image via Facebook

Another said, "This is so rude. I would have just called the waiter back over, cancelled the order, and leave."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another local said, "This is why I never, never, never want to step into [this restaurant]. Not only are they unprofessional, but the customer service and the food are bad."

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