Netizens Are Unimpressed After A Local Eatery Fat-Shamed A Customer In His Receipt

"I asked for no whipped cream for the iced chocolate - turns out the order was entered as 'gemuk tak nak cream'."

Cover image via Nazly Rosli/Facebook & This Silly Girl's Kitchen

A man was surprised to find a rude remark left on his receipt after he returned home from dining at a local restaurant chain in Kuala Lumpur

Sharing a picture of the receipt on Facebook, Nazly Rosli pointed out that one of the servers had keyed in "gemuk tak nak cream" which loosely translates to "the fat one does not want cream" under his order of iced chocolate.

Unimpressed, Nazly tagged and told the restaurant on Facebook to advise their staff to not key in unnecessary remarks when taking customer orders in the future

"I asked for no whipped cream for the iced chocolate - turns out the order was entered as 'gemuk tak nak cream'. I wonder if this was directed to me or to the staff who made the drink," Nazly elaborated.

"Furthermore, they were chatting loudly about how the drinks made by their colleague could literally 'potong kaki' (cut your leg off)," he added about overhearing the employees making a joke about eating too much sugar and causing diabetes.

"Fortunately I was amused instead of angry," the forgiving man said, adding that if they had a fussy customer instead, the outcome of their nasty remark could have easily gone worse.

"It is okay to be happy at work, but please be professional."

His post has since gone viral with many netizens commenting how disappointed they were with the serving staff

As of writing, the post has been shared over 500 times.

"I got upset reading about this," said a Facebook user.

Another user said, "These people are out of hand. Didn't they go for training?"

While this netizen reassured Nazly, "You're not fat okay. Maybe the staff have never known how nice it is to hug a teddy bear. Someone needs to get married and gain some weight to understand."

Nazly has since received a reply and apology from the local chain

Updating the original post, he wrote that a manager has contacted him and said that stern warning and coaching will be given to the staff.

"That's more than enough for me," Nazly said, "I don't like people getting fired for making silly mistakes once in their lifetime."

He acknowledged that what was written in the receipt was intended as banter among the staff but they did it without thinking about consequences, for which the manager has expressed great regret.

Nazly then thanked the manager for his sincere apology and hoped his experience would be a good lesson to all food and beverage outlets.

In October last year, a Malaysian influencer received critical backlash from netizens for her body-shaming statements:

Online or otherwise, we should stop shaming others based on their outward appearances:

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