Malaysian Influencer Who Claimed M-Sized Girls Are Fat Has Now Apologised

Cathryn Lee hoped that the public can forgive her for the "insensitive post".

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Cathryn Lee, the fitness influencer who went viral two weeks ago, has apologised over her "M-sized girls are fat" statement

In a lengthy Instagram post, Lee expressed regret for hurting the feelings of "friends, family, and supporters".

"It was a highly offensive and insensitive post, and I am deeply sorry for the hurt, anger, and disappointment I have caused you," Lee wrote in the post, which has amassed over 35,000 likes since Monday, 7 October.

The public apology came about two weeks after she posted a controversial statement on her Instagram Story, criticising anyone above size M "as sinful as obesity".

In retrospect, Lee said it was never her intention to make such a sweeping statement and that it was meant for her model friends

"The post was intended for my model friends who like me, despite being of a healthy weight in the past, has previously unable to secure a modelling job due to the size criteria imposed," she said.

Lee explained that she was trying to motivate her friends and herself to hit the gym so that they could meet the size standard set by the modelling industry.

"Looking back, I now realise how that was a mistake at many levels (sic)," she continued.

"Not only was the tone of my message offensive, I was encouraging friends to conform to an unhealthy beauty standard, which I have imposed also on myself."

Lee said she understood the responsibility she shoulders as an individual with over a million followers and is now seeking forgiveness from the public

"There is no nice way to say that I have messed up, and I seek your forgiveness on my mistakes and shortcomings (sic)," Lee lamented.

Lee hoped to continue doing what she is passionate about and that is to inspire people on healthy and body-positive living.

In a separate post, Lee also refuted the claim that she had forged her piano certificate, urging the media to treat her fairly

Lee posted a picture of her piano certificate, which showed that she had received a 'Licentiate (Diploma in) Recital in Piano Solo' from Trinity London College in 2007.

She related that playing the piano is not only her personal interest, but also an important platform to prove herself.

"However, to the haters who smeared and falsified my piano certificate, I am very saddened by the comments," she said.

"This does not only obliterate my profession and past efforts, but it also damages my personal reputation and integrity."

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Previously, Lee came under fire for saying M-sized girls are fat:

Instead of focusing on your clothing size, it would be better to keep healthy with the right meals:

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