Woman In Perak Goes Viral After Sharing Her Horrible Experience With Bridal Makeup Artist

The makeup artist has over 31 years of experience and when Yana criticised the look, she told her not to compare it to others.

Cover image via Yana Nazaruddin (Facebook)

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A woman in Perak recently took to Facebook in rage after a makeup artist ruined her wedding day

On 4 April, user Yana Nazaruddin wrote, "I've been keeping this inside for so long, waiting for an apology from them for 24 hours but all I got was a blue tick. I don't know, it's sad and disappointing, I don't know how to feel when I got taken advantage of like this."

"The rate for makeup wasn't cheap. I paid a few hundreds but this is the result. Try commenting and tell me if you're willing to have your reception looking like this?"

Yana uploaded several photos of her wedding makeup look where she donned blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.

She said, "It would've been prettier if I did my own makeup."

"I swear it was a waste of money hiring a last-minute makeup artist. She did not apologise at all when I complained and she could not accept the fact."

She added that the makeup artist has over 31 years of experience and when Yana criticised the look, she told her not to compare it to others.

"Her excuse is that this is Malay makeup and shouldn't be compared to others. She insisted that her 31 years of experience shouldn't be compared to other newbies," Yana added.

The new bride also said that she was given a fragile tiara and a veil that has faded in colour.

"I don't know what to say anymore, I wanted to discuss nicely but it's like I got pushed away. Even though I've left the makeup industry for a while, I would never make up someone like this."

Many netizens showed sympathy for the bride and agreed that the makeup artist did a terrible job

One person wrote, "The eyebrows are obviously off. Where in the world would someone draw eyebrows like that? Is she really a makeup artist? Just make a police report because this is exploitation."

Image via Facebook

Another netizen commented, "Oh dear, why would you still do a person's makeup if you don't know how to do makeup? Plus it's a once in a lifetime memory."

Image via Facebook

"This person is very pretty in person but this makeup makes her look like an opera singer. It's so terrible to exploit someone's big day," another user wrote.

Image via Facebook

In another post, Yana revealed the name of the wedding boutique, which is located in Kuala Selangor.

She noted that the makeup artist lacked professionalism and even asked for her to return her fake eyelashes.

"She said that the lashes could still be used on five more people," Yana wrote.

"I was very disappointed when the end result of the makeup looked like that. I had to remove it myself and do my own makeup even though I lacked products and tools."

She explained that she was actually promised a different makeup artist but was given another one at the last minute. When her family said they were unhappy with the makeup, the makeup artist got upset and left.

After Yana's post went viral, several makeup artists came forward and offered her free makeup services

"Thank you to everyone who wished me well and to makeup artists who were willing to offer me makeup services. God willing, after the movement control order (MCO) and once I'm allowed to travel, I will meet Mua Bellaz."

Mua Bellaz, whose real name is Nabilah Zulyadaini, is a popular makeup artist based in Kedah with over 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

She had contacted Yana and offered free makeup services and even promised to dress Yana up in beautiful wedding attire.

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