Dad's Reunion With His 3 Daughters After Being Apart For 7 Months Will Leave You In Tears

Mohd Azaruddin Tukari has not see his daughters since 18 March because he was stranded in Singapore while working as a bus driver.

Cover image via Massoezailin Saleh/Saufee Saleh (Facebook)

A video showing a father disguising himself as an 'air conditioner mechanic' to surprise his three daughters he has not seen for seven months has brought thousands of Malaysians online to tears

In the about four-minute-long video, Massoezailin Saleh shared that she had been planning for her husband Mohd Azaruddin Tukari's surprise return to their children after he received approval to return home.

Massoezailin told SAYS that her husband was stranded in Singapore while working as a bus driver since the Movement Control Order (MCO) began on 18 March.

"My husband wanted to surprise the kids because they haven't seen each other for so long. Also, he wanted to test if the kids could still recognise their father," she told us in an interview.

In the video, Azaruddin can be seen going all out to surprise his daughters

He wears a face mask covering almost his entire face and brings along a small ladder as well as a bucket of tools to fix the air conditioner in the living room.

At first, the children are doing their usual things at home; some are walking around the house, some are watching the television.

However, after a while, the children — aged five, eight, and 10 — find something is amiss with the 'air con mechanic'.

Their actions turn visibly awkward in the video. They keep staring at the man; one of them even rubs her chin, as if wondering why the man looks familiar.

Massoezailin said her daughters found it weird that she was recording at that time, but they were more concerned about the strange man who resembled their father.

Midway through, the children's faces turn red after Azaruddin calls them to come over to receive Kinder Bueno treats from him.

In the end, when Azaruddin pulls down his face mask to drink a glass of water, one of the children lets out a cry and calls him 'dad'

The children rush to their father and Azaruddin gives them a big bear hug.

"Tears after (holding them in for) seven months," Massoezailin wrote in the caption of the video.

"(Azaruddin) disguised as an air con mechanic, but children still have the instinct that the person is their father."

"It is not easy to stay almost seven months apart. It is a period we never expected. We have cried too much over this, but all of this is God's fate."

Massoezailin said her husband will be spending two weeks with his daughters here in Malaysia before returning back to Singapore for work.

At the time of writing, a reuploaded post of the video has garnered over 105,000 likes and 38,000 shares on Facebook

Thousands of comments mentioned how the video had brought them to tears.

"Alamak, I don't know why I started crying," a top comment read, while another added, "Siot lah. I am crying while smiling over here."

Image via Facebook

"I cried when I saw the children's temperament. The sentence 'pa' clearly shows how much the children miss their father," shared another netizen.

Image via Facebook

"My tears suddenly flowed down when the children ran to hug their father," a Facebook user said.

"The soundtrack also played a role (in making me cry) for suddenly getting louder at that point."

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Watch the video here:

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