Business Is Looking Bad For Soft Toy Seller, Uncle David

It's time to inject some life back into Uncle David's business!

Cover image via Dc Tan

This photo of an elderly man lying down on an empty walkway with dozens of soft toys line up next to him has been widely circulated on social media lately. Some of you might recognise him as Damansara Uptown's Uncle David.

Image via Dc Tan

Facebook user 'Dc Tan' uploaded the photo just a few days ago on 8 February, to highlight the plights of the 66-year-old man whose business clearly has been dwindling recently, urging the public to lend some support.

"Poor Uncle David. Seems like his business goes quiet after the craze. Pokemon fans, perhaps can go get some Gen 2 and Gen 4 Pokémon for collection. Only RM10 each," the photo caption read.

People like Uncle David should be enjoying retirement but he's struggling to make ends meet under the scorching Malaysian weather.

It was only a few months ago when plenty of customers gathered outside of the HSBC bank in Damansara Uptown, PJ just to buy toys from him

Uncle David's business was flourishing just a few months ago.

Image via SAYS

Last September, a mischievous customer apparently ordered 250 Pokémon toys but never showed up to collect them, leaving Uncle David with more plushies than he could sell.

This story was shared on social media and it went viral instantly.

Malaysians quickly responded and came to his rescue, as people from all walks of life intentionally made travel plans and rushed to find him to help alleviate his predicament.

At that time, the popular Pokémon Go game was at its peak

Almost everyone was playing Pokémon Go game and the craze had definitely benefitted Uncle David.

People boasted about how the toys from Uncle David were of great quality even if they were sold for only RM10.

The sudden spike in popularity and business even caused Uncle David to struggle to cope with the overwhelming demand. Unfortunately, as the weeks went by, so did the Pokémon hype.

Now, it looks like Uncle David's business has slowed down as with the game.

Will Uncle David’s business get back up again? Malaysians on social media have already begun spreading the word.

The latest post by Dc Tan on Uncle David has received more than 3,800 shares and 350 comments so far.

It's encouraging to note that many people have expressed their intentions to pay a visit and lend their support to Uncle David.

Image via Facebook

Uncle David does not accept donations but anyone who is interested to lend their support can always drop by. :)

Image via SAYS

Uncle David can usually be found in front of the HSBC Bank in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Last September, we spoke to Uncle David and learned some valuable insights from the humble man:

Here are some life lessons we can learn from Uncle David!

Posted by SAYS on Monday, September 26, 2016

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