Dato' Seri Vida Gets Slammed For Labelling People Who Raise #BenderaPutih As Lazy

The millionaire said that people should be putting in the effort to work instead of expecting aid and raising white flags.

Cover image via @datoserividaofficial (TikTok)

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Comestic entrepreneur Dato' Seri Vida recently landed in hot water after uploading a video on TikTok saying that people should not use the Movement Control Order (MCO) as an excuse for not being able to buy necessities such as children's diapers

In a video uploaded yesterday, 5 July, she can be heard saying, "Don't use the MCO as an excuse, saying that your income has been affected and you can't buy diapers for your child."

The clip has since garnered over 539,100 views and 34,600 likes.

The popular millionaire made the remark while standing in front of a food stall and used the street vendor present as an example.

She said that people should be like the vendor and put in the effort to work instead of expecting aid and raising white flags.

The businesswoman asked the vendor how long he has been selling food to which he replied, "It's been a year."

"(He earns) RM200 to RM250 a day, as long as there's a will and hard work and the most important thing, the menu has to be delicious and clean," Dato' Seri Vida said.

Pointing to the camera, she then stressed, "Do you understand? Work hard, don't be lazy and expect help by putting up a white flag."

The video has since made its rounds on other social media platforms.

Several users on Twitter called out the QuPuteh founder for her statement.

"Rich people show off by accusing that poor people are lazy, only know how to ask. Meanwhile, they forget that the reason they are rich is because poor people buy their products. In just a blink of an eye, God can take away that privilege," one user commented.

Image via Twitter

Another user wrote, "Imagine how painful this statement is to the ears of those who are at the brink of keeping their family alive. So arrogant, so high on their horses. If you're not coming down anytime soon, you really shouldn't open your mouth on this matter."

Image via Twitter

"Why do rich people always be (sic) tone-deaf and can't really grasp the real root of the cause, and easily make an assumption that people are lazy? That's not the case as we are in a pandemic, I'm very sure nobody wants to ask a stranger for food but that's the only way for some."

Image via Twitter

Watch Dato' Seri Vida's full video here:


Reply to @azierarizqin TIPS2. ATAS DIRI SENDIRI..NAK MAJU KENA ADA USAHA..#fyp #viral #pkp #malaysia #datoserivida


The #BenderaPutih movement recently took Malaysia by storm.

It is meant for those in need to signal for aid:

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