Debate Erupts After Netizen Says M'sians Can Queue For Hours At KFC But Not At A Clinic

Facebook user Khairul Asyraf pointed out Malaysians' hypocrisy and started a heated debate.

Cover image via Khairul Asyraf/Facebook & We Are Malaysians/Facebook

It is no secret that Malaysians love cheap deals.

Queues for sales at Victoria's Secret and Apple can attest to that.

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The latest sales frenzy in Malaysia was KFC's RM20 for two snack plates combo yesterday, 20 February

It was a one-day promotion from the fast food chain. Two snack plates would normally cost RM30.60.

The promotion led hungry Malaysian deal seekers to inundate KFC outlets nationwide and photos of long queues extending out of the fried chicken restaurants were widely circulated on the Internet.

However, a netizen who was watching the crazy queue from afar yesterday pointed out a hypocrisy in Malaysians

"Rakyat Malaysia, we have no qualms queuing for hours just to get KFC," wrote Facebook user Khairul Asyraf.

"But if you ask them to wait at the government hospitals and clinics, they will make the issue viral as if they are the busiest person in the world."

At the time of writing, the post had garnered over 10,000 shares and 1,400 comments.

Khairul was referring to the recent viral incident in Klinik Kesihatan Rasah, Seremban, whereby a doctor was seen shouting at a patient who allegedly barged into his room and demanded immediate service

Khairul's post ignited a heated debate after it went viral.

"We need to put a sign that says 'cheap and free healthcare treatment', then only the people won't complain," said a netizen, agreeing with the author of the post.

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"I agree (with you). You only need to pay RM1 at public clinics, you cannot expect service like you are some sort of royalty. Other people are sick too. If you want faster service, go to a private clinic. Settle," wrote another person.

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"You have to understand that when a person is sick, waiting four hours would make them emotionally unstable. Those people who waited at KFC were happy customers with healthy legs. Please don't mix those two together," a person contended.

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"Waiting for the food at KFC would at most take you 20 minutes. But at the hospitals, you would need to wait 40 minutes just for your number to be called up; drawing blood would take another 30 minutes," related a Facebook user.

"(I think) the government needs to improve the (efficiency of the healthcare) system. That is what people are angry about."

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You can read the full post here:

Rakyat Malaysia Takda hal kalau kena tunggu berjam beli KFC. Kalau bab menunggu giliran jumpa doktor di hospital atau klinik kesihatan, melenting viral macam dialah insan paling sibuk di dunia ni!

Posted by Khairul Asyraf on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

On Monday, 17 February, a video showing a doctor shouting at
a patient in Seremban went viral:

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Japanese netizens shared their admiration for the preparedness of the Malaysian government:

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