Delivery Rider Shocked To Find Severely Injured Dog Dumped In A Plastic Bag In Kajang

He saw two men dump the dog from their car.

Cover image via Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (Facebook)

A delivery rider was shocked to find a living adult dog dumped in a clear, large plastic bag while he was on the job in Kajang, Selangor

According to a Facebook post by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), on Friday, 4 December, the delivery rider, Rozaidi Hashim, contacted them to ask for help after coming across the cruel incident.

"He saw two men dump a dog packed in a big plastic bag at a dumpster in Kajang," said the rescue group.

Rozaidi had managed to note down the perpetrators' vehicle licence plate number and immediately went to try and free the dog after they drove off.

The rider saw that the dog was weak, afraid, and had a massive wound in its neck with gaping holes

"I was almost in tears seeing the scrawny dog's pitiful condition. How could people dump a sick dog like garbage?" Rozaidi told The Star in an interview.

After releasing the dog from the plastic, the injured animal crawled past the dumpsters and hid underneath a nearby drain in fear. So he contacted MDDB, who quickly sent over a volunteer to help with the situation.

Failing to entice the dog out, they finally called the area's Fire and Rescue Department and the firemen successfully rescued the dog to be sent for treatment.

The female dog, who the rescue group has since named Rozi, was immediately admitted to St Angel Animal Medical Center in Puchong

The veterinarian found that the dog was severely emaciated and anaemic, and had a terribly infected maggot wound in its neck.

MDDB suspects that the wound was caused by a chain worn too tightly around its neck for a long period of time.

"The heartless humans must have dumped it like garbage because they did not want to spend money on treatment," they said.

MDDB believes that Rozi needs to spend considerable time at the vet and are currently accepting donations to help pay for her treatment.

"This looks like a long-haul case and we need your help to see this dog through," said the non-profit organisation (NGO).

Meanwhile, Rozaidi has since lodged a police report regarding the incident at a police station in Rawang, and the rescue group are working with the authorities to identify the culprits.

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