"No Parcel, Need Young Rider" — Delivery Riders Share Customers' Inappropriate Requests

"No lady, chubby, or old," requested one customer.

Cover image via jcomp/freepik & Harian Metro

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A parcel delivery rider recently took to Facebook to share their frustration after continuously receiving inappropriate requests from customers

After the post went viral, numerous other riders shared similar bizarre requests they received from customers in the comments section of the now-taken-down post.

"By the way, I don't have a parcel to send, just want to give a 'sporting' rider a great b*****b," wrote one customer.

"'Sporting' rider only. Preferably a man, handsome, and fit. Help me buy a condom and f--k me! Just a quick one," requested another.

According to Harian Metro, these inappropriate requests are allegedly becoming increasingly prevalent among customers using the popular online delivery service, Lalamove.

Image via Harian Metro
Image via Harian Metro

In an interview with the daily, a delivery rider named Ayus, 34, expressed his disappointment after receiving such innappropriate requests from customers

"For the past month, I have received a few strange bookings. But usually, when I receive them, I will accept the order and press the report order button.

"Usually, these orders have the same pick-up or drop-off location," said the part-time delivery rider.

He added that this issue causes problems for delivery drivers, as the orders they receive often lack detailed information about the goods that need to be delivered.

"I think when there is an issue like this, we have a hard time making a living because both male and female delivery drivers are not safe.

"I hope that the platform providers are more sensitive in filtering orders and set conditions requiring customers to provide more detailed information about the goods to be delivered," he said.

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Image via freepik

Meanwhile, female delivery driver Nisa shared that she nearly fell victim to such customers. Fortunately, her husband accompanied her during her delivery trip.

"I have experienced something like this [indecent orders], and the location of the delivery was set at an abandoned building in Shah Alam.

"At that time, my husband was driving. When we arrived, the customer asked why it wasn't a woman driving, with a complaining tone," she said.

Nisa also reminded other female riders and drivers to be cautious when delivering parcels.

"Drivers, especially female delivery drivers, be careful. If the booking was set to a strange location, don't accept the order, and if you have already accepted, just cancel it. It's for the best," she added.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via freepik

Speaking to SAYS, a Lalamove representative said that the platform strictly prohibits inappropriate requests

"At Lalamove, we uphold strict community guidelines to ensure that all users and driver partners are treated with respect. Any form of inappropriate or unlawful behaviour is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

"We are investigating the incident and we will take any necessary actions to ensure our platform continues to be safe and reliable for our community," they said.

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