Acting Agong Says Malays Are Obsessed With Blame Game And In Race To Embarrass One Another

Sultan Nazrin, who is currently acting as the YDPA, shared his observations about Malays being obsessed with blaming others for their failure.

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Malays nowadays appear to be increasingly weak because they had lost the spirit of ukhuwah (brotherhood), according to Deputy and Acting Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah

Sultan Nazrin was speaking at an event in Bandar Hilir in Melaka on Friday, 7 December, when he made his observations about the social and economic condition of Malays and how they appear to be caught in a race to embarrass one another.

The Deputy Agong, who is currently acting as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) due to Sultan Muhammad V being on a medical leave till 31 December, said that the Malays are obsessed with the blame game which only reflects poorly on themselves.

Deputy YDPA Sultan Nazrin while announcing the appointment of members of the Malacca Islamic Council (MAIM) and the Malacca Council of Syariah Court Judges and Registrars in Bandar Hilir on Friday, 7 December.

Image via theSundaily/Bernama

Sultan Nazrin also said that Malays, who now appear weak in character and in a race for materialistic gain, are becoming increasingly intoxicated in the competition for power

According to him, it's the current political culture which has created an obsession that is racist in nature and promotes a mindset where loyalty to a certain group is prioritised over accepting the truth and influencing minds to give more importance to that particular group than ensuring the survival of the ummah (Muslim) in general.

He emphasised that while Islam built a disciplined, trustworthy and sincere Malay race, they now seem to be getting weaker

"Islam has built a Malay race that is disciplined, trustworthy, honest, noble and sincere.

"Islam has united the Malays by building a solid brotherhood so much so the Malays are strongly united and emerged as a strong race, but today the Malays seem to be getting weaker," Sultan Nazrin said this in his speech in Bandar Hilir yesterday.

Sultan Nazrin pictured here arriving at the ceremony to appoint members of the Melaka Islamic Council and the Melaka Council of Syariah Court Judges and Registrars.

Image via Malay Mail

Sultan Nazrin also used Islamic scholar Ibnu Khaldun's writing to cite how the government in North Africa and Andalusia ensured the collapse of Islamic civilisation by making a tool of Islamic scholars

"The scholars during the glorious era of Islam were honest, sincere.

However, some of them, because they succumbed to the temptations of material wealth, position and title, changed and allowed themselves to be used for the personal interests of certain leaders," he was reported as saying by Bernama.

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