BFM Sexual Harassment Case: Hannah Appeals For Privacy Of Those Named In The Letter

BFM founder Malek Ali has, meanwhile, assured of transparency.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Malaysiakini (edited)

Hannah Yeoh yesterday, 6 December, took to her Twitter to appeal to the public discussing the sexual harassment allegations levelled against BFM 89.9 staff members in an anonymous email last week

The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development urged people not to forward the said email as "there are many alleged names of affected victims too."

She was then reported saying that people should refrain from speculating the names of the alleged harassers as they have the right to a fair tribunal and privacy until the investigation is done

Malay Mail reported Hannah saying that circulating the email could have adverse effects on the lives of those implicated when they have yet to be found guilty as the tendency for this to happen is higher with high profile sexual harassment cases.

"Even if they have issued a statement, the damage will be done," Hannah said.

She was speaking to reporters after opening a forum on sexual harassment organised by her Ministry and the United Nations Malaysia Team in Putrajaya.

"I have been getting emails from (Segambut) residents asking me what are we going to do about it. And I appeal to the people to stop doing that simply because there are a lot of alleged victims' names in there and based on our experience dealing with (such cases), it is very painful," Hannah was reported saying by Malay Mail today.

Meanwhile, BFM 89.9 has released another statement saying an independent investigating committee has been given a full mandate to investigate all of the allegations contained in the email

In the statement, BFM founder Malek Ali said that the committee would report directly to a board panel consisting of independent non-executive directors of BFM.

"Staff at BFM have been given direct access to the investigating committee, without any need to go through any management team members or supervisors," he said.

The BFM founder and Managing Director assured of transparency in the company's approach to the allegations and seriousness in the way it is treating them.

The anonymous email alleging sexual harassment at BFM 89.9 was sent out to news outlet on 29 November. Read more here:

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