Deputy Minister: The Rakyat Is Not Going To Be Burdened At All If Emergency Is Imposed

"Taxi drivers still get to drive and Tan Sri's still get to invest in the stock market."

Cover image via Suara Sarawak

Ali Biju, who is the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, claims an emergency order, if imposed, won't burden the people at all

According to Ali, who is a member of Parliament (MP) from the Saratok seat in Sarawak, "the Emergency Order" did not entail military rule, curfews, or any restrictions on economic activities.

He said this in a statement earlier today, 25 October, claiming that such an order will also not affect the people and businesses in any way possible as the "emergency powers" that Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is allegedly seeking only covers suspending of the Parliament.

"In other words, the Rakyat is not going to be burdened at all and it will be business as usual for the shopkeeper towkays and the captains of industries. Taxi drivers still get to drive and Tan Sri's still get to invest in the stock market," he said.

"Only Parliament would be suspended, political activities limited, and wannabe superheroes cannot get to spook anyone with their strong, convincing, and formidable superpowers."

He stressed that the people and economy will not face any problem.

According to the Bersatu politician, "disagreeing with an emergency means agreeing to [an] election during a raging pandemic"

Ali was responding to former attorney-general Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, who yesterday, 24 October, expressed concerns with about the possible declaration of an emergency and called it unconstitutional.

The Deputy Minister, who has an engineering degree, said that he would like to compare the "constitutional legalese" of Tommy Thomas against his "engineering logic" in a time of the pandemic.

Based on which, "the legalese of Tommy Thomas simply defies the rational logic of an engineer".

"Let us all be rational and reasonable people for once and hit the pause button. I, for one, call for less politicking but instead more working on what really matter [sic] for the nation —stabilising the government, fighting COVID-19, and restoring our economy," Ali said in his statement.

He stated that when "the government hits the pause button on politicking and instead focuses on fighting COVID-19 and healing the economy" the rakyat will not get hurt.

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