"This Is A Temple To Pray" – Man Asks Public Not To Use Batu Caves As Place To Work Out

According to the devotee, the temple management has also tried to curb the issue but no change has yet to be seen.

Cover image via Facebook

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A temple-goer recently took to Facebook to vent his frustrations regarding the number of people he sees exercising at the stairs of Batu Caves in Selangor

The Facebook user said he visits the famous Sri Subramaniam temple dedicated to Hindu deity Lord Murugan every Sunday and has grown fed up with people jogging and hiking at the place of worship.

"I'm at the temple every Sunday morning and today I really cannot take it," he wrote last Sunday, 13 February, sharing photos of people in their exercise attire making their way up the limestone cave's famous 272 multi-coloured stairs alongside regular temple devotees.

"Hope everyone can keep in mind that this is a temple and not a place for everyone to do jogging and hiking," he said.

Image via Facebook

According to the devotee, the temple management has also tried to curb the issue but no change has yet to be seen

"I went to the counter next to the staircase steps and spoke to one of the ladies who was sitting at the counter. I asked her why are there people jogging here and no action has been taken. This is a temple," he said.

In response, the management told him that they have already personally notified the many joggers and hikers against working out in the area, but everyone has still carried on.

The Facebook user said he suggested for the temple to put up a signboard that will notify visitors against inconsiderate behaviour.

"Hope the management will do something for this. Don't forget that this is our temple and it is for us to pray!" he reiterated.

Image via Facebook

The Facebook post has since garnered over 2,500 shares, with netizens giving mixed opinions over the issue

Some supported the original poster's view and asked for respect for places of worship, while others said they have no problems with people using the temple stairs to exercise as it is a public space.

"Yes, I don't agree too. It's a place to pray, not a place to simply jog and lose weight. Find a proper place. Respect others," said a Facebook user.

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A Twitter user questioned, "Is Malaysia that small? Are there really no other places to jog?"

Image via Twitter

"I'm a Hindu. I don't know of any God or scripture or holy law against running up and down the stairs of a temple. Did God specifically ban this? If yes, please show me where it is written by God," commented a netizen.

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Another said, "I support if people want to use the stairs to exercise. They are using resources wisely for health benefits. They wear appropriate sports clothes and don't disturb the devotees. Don't be over-sensitive. Anyway, that cave belongs to everyone, not the temple authority alone."

Image via Twitter

In January, Batu Cave devotees were delighted to welcome a newborn girl in an emergency delivery at the holy site:

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