Two Friends Turned Back To Help A Tourist And Her Daughter When No One Else Would

The foreigner was trying to find a way to get to Alor Setar with her daughter.

Cover image via Yaya Hidayah/Facebook

A woman and her daughter was walking on the side of the road as cars zoomed past them one by one until two friends decided to stop

Facebook user Yaya Hidayah shared the story recently about a foreign woman and her young daughter who faced difficulty getting to their destination but no one wanted to help.

Yaya, who was travelling with a friend from Taiping to Bagan Serai, saw the woman with her daughter trying to get hold of a car in the area to stop but nobody did.

They then decided to turn back to find out where the woman was heading to because they could not stand to be indifferent to what they saw, especially when they noticed that a little girl was with the woman under the scorching sun.

Posted by Yaya Hidayah on Friday, February 16, 2018

They found out that the woman wanted to head to Alor Setar, but she didn't have any money and she also lost her phone recently

The two friends decided to give the mother and daughter a lift and they also treated them a meal in the car since the woman said she was hungry. 

"We could only afford to send her to the Parit Buntar bus station to get to Butterworth to get on an interchange bus to Alor Setar," Yaya wrote in her post. 

While many netizens praised Yaya and her friend for helping someone in need, some were sceptical and expressed concern that the duo might have been fooled by the tourist who took advantage of them

A comment on the Facebook post that was said to be left by Wanie, the friend whom Yaya was travelling with, went into details what had happened as some have speculated that perhaps the woman together with her daughter were trying to take advantage of kind Malaysians.

Contrary to what was being speculated, it was learned the woman was adamant not to trouble the Yaya and Wanie even from the very beginning. When they met near the Taiping Utara toll plaza, Kamunting, while heading towards Bagai Serai, the woman had asked if they were on the way as she did not want to trouble the two friends.

"We decided to get to to my house first. She did not want to trouble us at all. If it's possible, just drop her off by the road side. No need to send her to the bus station or taxi stand. We asked her to have a meal with us, but she said that it was not necessary," Wanie explained.  

In the end, Wanie and Yaya bought her pizza and brought her back to the former's house to get some water

"She was deeply moved. She still didn't want to trouble us so we decided to send her to the Parit Buntar bus station so that she can make her way to Butterworth."

According to Wanie, the woman's former husband had left her and their daughter.

"She wanted to go to Alor Setar, then to Langkawi, for reasons that are unknown to me. Whether she was looking for her ex-husband, or maybe in Langkawi, it will be easier to communicate with Russians like her since there are a lot of tourists there."

At the time of writing, Yaya's Facebook post has received more than 6,400 shares and 4,200 comments. 

Posted by Yaya Hidayah on Friday, February 16, 2018

Kudos to Yaya and Wanie for acting so swiftly to help someone in need!

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