Nobody Helped This Man Who Walked For Almost 10 Hours Until This Stranger Came Along

He ended up walking for almost 10 hours from Damansara to get back to his house in Kajang.

Cover image via Radin Danial

"It's okay to help."

That's what a man had to say after meeting a stranger who had difficulty finding his way home, after no one wanted to help him.

Image via Radin Danial

It happened earlier this month, when Radin Danial was travelling home, when he remembered that he had something important that needed to be sorted out immediately. It was about 3am.

"Taking out my clothes and jacket, I (was) planning to go straight back to my home. Suddenly, I see someone walking on the highway. Alone...," Radin said.

Radin, who travels on that road often, realised that there are no houses nearby in the area.

"So I stopped, asking him if he needed a ride. He asked, 'Is that okay?'"

Without hesitating, Radin said, "Of course. Where do you want to go?"

The man replied, "Kajang."

Not many questions were asked but the man got on Radin's motorcycle and they were on their way to Kajang.

However, the journey to Kajang took some time due to the long distance, so the duo stopped by at a Petron petrol station to take a break and to refuel his motorcycle.

Radin got to know the man better from the short time they shared together at the petrol station

He had so many questions: Where did he come from? Where did he start walking from? Why was he walking?

"The answers he gave me really shocked me," Radin said.

"His name is Ganesan. He is a general worker at a private company. After his work was done, he was left behind because he was late. His wallet, phone, and IC were in the van that left him."

"Guess where he started walking from? DAMANSARA. He started walking at 6.00pm, now it's 3.30am. Nine hours and 30 minutes walking from Damansara because no one wants to help him. Not just for a ride but even a single phone call."

He learned that Ganesan had been walking on an empty stomach because he did not have any money with him, having left his wallet.

"I can't imagine how hungry it must have been for him to walk for almost 10 hours without food and drinks."

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Radin had offered Ganesan some drinks that he had brought along earlier, but the hungry lad rejected his offer because he was ashamed

Radin told Ganesan, "If I have even just RM5 or RM10 with me, I will take you to have dinner. But I'm so sorry that this is the only how much money I have. Just enough to buy petrol because all the money I have has been spent on my wedding this week."

"I'm so sorry for not having any money left. But I promise that I will buy you lunch or dinner next time when I get some money."

However, Ganesan was grateful that someone had actually reached out to help him when everyone else had ignored him, in his lonely walk home.

"He said, 'It's okay.' He is glad that I came to help him because people that he approached before this didn't bother to help him at all," Radin said.

It was his own hardships that compelled Radin to reach out to strangers in need because he understands how it is like when there's no one to help you when you need it the most

"Because I was there. I feel their pain, desperately wanting help from others. But it was a pain in the a## to ask for help because no one wants to help when we need them," he said.

He pointed out that some people only needed a phone call to inform their worried family and friends about what happened, and not like they needed a thousand ringgit.

There was once when Radin's own motorcycle ran out of fuel and he didn't have any money and the petrol station was quite far away.

"I was there waving my hand to others so they can stop and help me. But no one stopped. So I walked for almost 10km just to refuel my motorcycle before I can continue my journey."

"All these experiences make me think that if there's no one else who wants to help, then I will."

Radin said that he knows his own limitations, like if there is a charity donation and he can't help because he "is also in the middle of a crisis"."

However, he said that he will always find ways to contribute, even if he cannot do it in monetary terms.

"At least I do something rather than do nothing. Because at the end of the day, people will likely remember us not because of our money but what we have done for others."

Thank you, Radin, for showing great kindness to someone in need!

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