There's A House In Puchong Where People Can Stay For Only RM1 Per Night

It is the latest initiative by social activist Kuan Chee Heng to help the poor.

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RM1! That is all a person needs to give in order to stay overnight at a house in Puchong.

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Social activist, Kuan Chee Heng's latest efforts to help the poor is to offer not just one but two houses for those who are truly in need of temporary shelter in the Klang Valley region.

Kuan, the Community Policing Malaysia Association president, is known for his various initiatives that benefit the poor, from the '10 Sen Ambulance' to 'Pasar 10 Sen' programmes, where people could enjoy the services or get new clothing for only 10 cents.

He got this idea to set up the 'RM1 House' after he realised the hardships that families have to face when they cannot afford to rent accommodations but a family member is sick and hospitalised somewhere away from their home.

He noticed that some had resorted to sleeping along the corridors in the hospital or in their car while waiting for their family member to seek medical treatment.

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The two houses in Taman Puchong Utama are furnished with all basic amenities in place. Occupants are also allowed to use all the facilities provided.

With the help of sponsors, Kuan managed to cover the cost incurred for renovation, purchase of electrical and home appliances, and furniture that amounts to almost RM80,000.

It was learned that each room in the house is equipped with beds, mattresses, closets, and water heater.

There is also a television, washing machine, and a kitchen.

Thanks to some of his 200,000 followers on Facebook, the kitchen is fully stocked as they have generously donated food items and some toiletries.

According to Kuan, there are plans to add a desktop computer with Wi-Fi access later.

Besides the relatives of hospitalised patients, Kuan also welcomed occupants who were victims of fires or abuse, or senior citizens who are in need of shelter

According to Kuan, one of the first few visitors that are currently occupying the house is a family whose house burnt down on Tuesday night.

Those who wish to rent the house do not need to provide any documents or fill up any forms, but Kuan stressed that it is very important to be honest.

"No forms to fill up, no documents needed, just come and try. We are not rigid with the rules. The condition is that you must be someone in need," he told Malaysiakini.

Occupants are also welcomed to stay for as long as they need but they are expected to follow some basic guidelines

"The concept is to pay RM1 for each night. Each house can accommodate up to nine occupants at one time, and the amount can be increased if the need arises."

"Occupants need to ensure the cleanliness of the house and they are not allowed to have sex or bring non-halal food and beef out of respect for the various religious communities," he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

Those who wish to stay in one of these two houses may personally contact Kuan on Facebook.

Kudos, Mr Kuan for the great initiative!

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