Hardworking Mother Wins The Heart Of Malaysians With Her Delicious Nasi Lemak

Many generous Malaysians have flocked to her stall to lend their support.

Cover image via Lynn Ahmad/Riswan Rahman

"A mother is willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of her child."

Image via Riswan Rahman

That was what Facebook user Lynn Ahmad had to say when she saw how a mother worked hard to put food on the table for her three young children.

She said that it was a sad sight to see the woman who struggled to take care of the three children while selling nasi lemak.

The woman was seen straddling her youngest child in a baby carrier, while her two other young children sat by the roadside and waited for her.

Lynn, who has two children herself, said that she could understand how tired the woman must have felt as she has to look after her kids while manning her stall and attending to customers.

Image via Lynn Ahmad

"Her nasi lemak is seriously delicious, do try and buy many of them so that she can head home early."

Image via Lynn Ahmad

Lynn urged passers-by to pay her a visit and support the woman by buying nasi lemak from her stall, which was set up nearby a Petronas petrol station at the MRR2 by Tesco Ampang.

She said that the nasi lemak only costs RM1 each.

Following the viral post, many Malaysians have flocked to the woman's stall for cheap and delicious nasi lemak

Image via Dik Mas

A netizen shared today, 27 July, that a crowd of people had gathered to buy nasi lemak and lend their support for the young mother.

In the video posted by Saifullah Sazwin, there were at least a dozen people who can be seen queuing up to buy food.

As her popularity grew, several netizens recognised the woman and identified her as 'Kak Ain'.

Ramai orang yg membantu akak ni beli nasi lemak dia rm1...petronas tesco ampang..

Posted by Bro Saifullah Sazwin on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quite a number of people have generously bought nasi lemak from Kak Ain in hopes of easing her burdens

Image via Zarina Daud

Many new customers have praised Kak Ain and said that her nasi lemak is indeed delicious as claimed by many.

She is extremely thankful for the support that she has been receiving in the last few days. She also revealed that she was humbled when a customer bought a pack of nasi lemak from her for RM200 this morning.

Kudos Malaysians, for acting so swiftly to help a mother in need!

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