This 51-Year-Old Malaysian Mother Drives A 10-Wheel Trailer To Support Her Kids

The word badass would be an understatement.

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Meet Rosalekka Salim, affectionately called 'Kak Lori'

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She is 51 years old and is a single mother of two sons

Image via Rosalekka Salim

A former factory worker for 18 years, she now drives a 10-wheel trailer, transporting containers from Penang port

According to a report by theSundaily, Rosalekka makes 150 trips a month. She picks up containers from ships at the Penang Port and delivering them to the depot for repairs.

She says that being a trailer driver is not as difficult as it seems.

In contrast, it was her job as a factory worker that she considered to be too demanding.

"Last time, work was more difficult because it was always stressful, especially when my employer got angry, but now driving a trailer is easier and I can earn a relatively high income," Harian Metro quoted her as saying.

How much does she earn?

While Rokiah does not receive a standard basic pay due to the unconventional nature of her job, it has allowed her to be her own boss with flexible working hours.

Currently earning RM7,000 a month plus food allowance, commissions, and bonuses, she said that her flexible work hours allows her to earn more by doing more trips.

Image via Rosalekka Salim

The mother of two has an extremely bubbly personality and reveals her antics through videos on her Facebook page

Bertudung & berbaju kurung tak menghalang akak ni utk jadi pilot darat. Tergugat admin..



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Through her work as a trailer driver and what she shares on her Facebook, Rosalekka hopes to get the younger generation to take on odd jobs and at the same time dispel any negative perception towards such jobs by the public

She hopes to inspire the younger generation to not be dependent on their parents.

"Many graduates choose to remain unemployed, while there are many vacant positions, including as lorry drivers. Give it a try, and do not keep relying on your parents’ money,” she advises while adding that it is not that difficult or dangerous.

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While she admits that being a female driver in an industry dominated by men, there have been times when she was hassled, she adds that she doesn't allow it to bother her

Recounted a past incident, she said that once her truck was stopped by a group of drunken men in the middle of the road. They verbally assaulted her. However, she said that she was fortunate as a passerby came to her aid and chased them away.

And while she acknowledges the risks, she loves her job and praises her employer as "the best in the world". In fact, she recently even joked that her boss now only wants women workers as he finds them to be more hardworking.

Image via Rosalekka Salim

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