Biker Mum And Her Kids Brave 6-Hour Motorcycle Ride To Celebrate Raya In Their Kampung

A kind couple who came across the family offered to give the young children a lift in their car.

Cover image via Norbaya Ahmad

While most people travelled back to their respective hometown this Hari Raya holidays comfortably in their own car, a single mother had to endure long motorcycle rides with her two young children

Image via Norbaya Ahmad

Norle Azura Muhamad did not intend to travel back to her mother's place in Temerloh, Pahang this festive season, but after seeing the sombre look on her children's faces on the first day of Hari Raya on 25 June, she immediately changed her mind.

The 33-year-old took off on her Yamaha 135 LC motorcycle with her two children, aged two and seven, and left their house in Taiping, Perak.

Together, they endured a six-hours ride home to reunite with their loved ones back in Temerloh.

After visiting her mother and sister in Temerloh and Kuantan, Norle and her children had to say goodbye and travel back to their homes in Taiping.

Fortunately, the family met a kind couple who offered the two kids a comfortable ride home while they were on their way back.

Posted by Norbaya Ahmad on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Norbaya Ahmad was on her way to Klang, Selangor from Kuantan, Pahang, with her husband when she spotted Norle and her two young kids riding on a motorcycle. She noticed that Norle's daughter appeared to be anxious and uneasy.

At this point, Norbaya, who is also a mother herself, made a spontaneous decision to approach Norle to stop at the Gambang RNR (Rest and Recreation stop).

"I called Norle 'abang' (brother) because I thought that she was a man. However, I realised that she's a woman as soon as she took off her helmet," she was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

When they met at the Gambang RNR, Norbaya told Norle her intention to offer her two kids a ride back to their home in Taiping but Norle initially refused, not wanting to trouble a stranger. However, Norbaya kept persuading her and finally Norle agreed to the suggestion and they met up again at the Genting Sempah RNR later.

Norbaya with Norle's two children.

Image via Harian Metro

Norle was extremely grateful to Norbaya's timely aid as she ran into some problems with her motorcycle while she was on the way to the Genting Sempah RNR

She said that the motorcycle she was riding on suddenly ran out of fuel and one of the tyres was punctured while she was riding along the roads near Lanchang.

Norle also revealed that she had to go to the Karak town to find a workshop to fix the motorcycle so that she could continue her journey smoothly to Genting Sempah.

She added that she was extremely grateful that Norbaya had offered to give her children a lift otherwise she would not know what to do if she had to go through the experience with her two young kids.

"I was surprised when they wanted to help, but at the same time, I was ashamed because I did not want to trouble anyone," she said.

It was a happy ending for Norle as she arrived safely back home with her two children that day at 10pm.

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