54 Dogs & Puppies Die After Shelter Hit By Floods. Please Help The Surviving Furbabies

Funds are needed to move to a safer location and replace damaged necessities.

Cover image via FurryKids Safehaven (Facebook)

Disclaimer: The story contains disturbing material. Viewer discretion is advised.

FurryKids Safehaven, a non-profit animal shelter in Mambau, Negeri Sembilan was heavily flooded on 4 November

According to New Straits Times, staff members helped take the dogs to the roof. Gates leading to higher ground were also opened to let the dogs out.

The heavy downpour began around 2am and it flooded about 9m high. The flood only began to recede around 9am.

FurryKids Safehaven consultant Margaret Chin told SAYS that 54 dogs and puppies are confirmed dead while 1,900 dogs are still alive.

When asked by SAYS, Chin said that the surviving dogs remained at the shelter where the flood happened. The dogs which drowned were buried at a designated area.

The facilities and structure of the shelter were severely damaged by the flood

Furrykids Safehaven manager Liza Sharif told The Star that the perimeter fencing was damaged by the floodwaters.

All electrical appliances such as the fridge, washing machine, fans, and rice cookers were also rendered unusable.

The workers' quarters were not spared either as their mattresses and clothing were also destroyed in the flood.

This disaster prompted the shelter to plead for more public donations to help them recoup losses

Chin shared with SAYS that they still need RM200,000 to fund a new shelter construction located in Kuala Sawah to avoid future floods as well as to accommodate more stray animals.

The donations will also be used to replace the electrical appliances as well as other necessities like beds and dog food.

"Our workers' home and well-being are also affected by this. Please continue to donate if you can. Times are really tough for us," they wrote on Facebook.

If you wish to donate or provide assistance to the shelter, here are their bank account details:

Persatuan Penyelamat Haiwan Terbiar FurryKids Safehaven
CIMB Bank Berhad - 8009081090

The Malaysian Meteorological Department warned that the monsoon transition phase starting from 24 September may lead to hazardous weather conditions:

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