UK Vogue Celebrates Dr Amalina For Pulling Off A Wedding While Battling The Pandemic

The article talked about how Dr Amalina planned her wedding while working as a surgeon, studying for her PhD, as well as helping out with the vaccine trials as a researcher.

Cover image via @dramalinabakri (Instagram)

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Dr Amalina Bakri has just landed herself a spot in the popular fashion magazine, British Vogue

On her Twitter account, Dr Amalina wrote, "I never would have thought that I would be on British Vogue. Thank you."

In the interview with Vogue, she talked about her marriage to her husband and how they finally went ahead with their wedding after the pandemic put a hold on their initial plans

"I moved to the UK from Malaysia when I was 17, and where I come from, weddings are really big. A typical wedding in Malaysia can be up to 1,000 guests," she said.

"My husband Alex and I originally planned to have our religious ceremony in Malaysia last month followed by a reception in the UK in June, but due to lockdown, we decided to do our religious ceremony in London (it had been due to take place in January, but was delayed three times)."

"So when Boris Johnson said weddings were allowed here again in March, we knew we needed to get it sorted – we just didn't want it to be postponed again. We called the London Central Mosque and booked the earliest date available: 31 March."

She also explained the process of getting her wedding dress done by local fashion designer Cosry and how it didn't go exactly as planned.

However, she said that she still dreams of wearing a big dress for her wedding reception when it finally happens.

The article featured several photos from her wedding and shared the details of her small and intimate solemnisation ceremony.

In the past few weeks, Dr Amalina also shot a campaign for the National Health Service as well as submitted her PhD paper to a medical journal

On Instagram, she wrote, "It has been a crazy last few weeks, to say the least. I got married, shot a campaign for the NHS (which will come out soon), got featured on British Vogue!! (I never would have thought!), and I've just submitted my PhD paper to a medical journal, Alhamdulillah."

"I would like to say thank you for all your support and your well wishes. I really appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart. Sorry that I have been a little bit MIA for various reasons above. Sending you all lots of love and Ramadan Kareem!"

She is actually the second Malaysian to be featured on international Vogue editions after songbird Yuna Zarai

Yuna had previously graced the cover of Vogue Singapore's April 2021 issue and was subsequently featured on the Vogue Global Network.

In the issue, she detailed her journey into the music industry and trying to making art without having to compromise her beliefs.

Read more news about Dr Amalina's wedding and engagement to her English partner Alexander Charles:

The UK-based surgeon had joined a team of scientists from Imperial College to develop a COVID-19 vaccine last April:

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