Dr M Says Najib Can Only Be A "Magnanimous Gentleman" If He Resigns

Dr. Mahathir has lashed out at the UMNO President's speech during the party's AGM saying that it did not touch on the party's struggles but only about defending himself.

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Dr Mahathir Mohamad, commenting on the UMNO General Assembly, declared in his latest blog post that PM Najib Razak would only be considered a "magnanimous gentleman" if he resigns

"The speech by the President of UMNO at the UMNO General Assembly 2015 is very disappointing. It was focused on and limited to only defending himself. The President claimed that he is a gentleman, magnanimous, courageous, not timid and would not relent," Dr M wrote on his blog.

He added that not only he is being questioned by the police, but sanctions made against him which are worse than those against leaders of the Opposition in Malaysia.

"Hotels are warned they will not be given government business if I was allowed to speak in their function rooms. The Deputy President was not allowed to open the meeting of wings of UMNO as has been the party's tradition. The Deputy President was also dismissed from the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Is this the attitude of a gentleman who is magnanimous? It is more inclined to an attitude of a boss that ties the hands of the enemy so that they can be beaten without retaliation."

PM Najib Razak, while speaking at UMNO AGM, had vowed that he "will not surrender" to critics and declared: "I am a gentleman!"

Reiterating that Najib's speech in UMNO's General Assembly was indeed very disappointing, Dr M claimed that there are those who do not fully understand the issues facing the UMNO party

Mahathir, in expressing disappointment with the AGM, said that many people don't seem to understand that the issue in UMNO was not the relations between the President and Deputy President.

"Therefore, just some cordial handshakes will solve the problem. This is not about relationship or friendship," he wrote, adding that the issue was serious and involved wrongdoing on the part of the party President and Prime Minister. "It can only result in the party and ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) losing in the general election."

UMNO's general assembly ended on Saturday 12 December

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