Dr Maszlee: No More Art Stream Or Science Stream In High School Next Year

Artificial intelligence (AI) will help students decide what subjects to take after their Form Three Assessment (PT3).

Cover image via New Straits Times & SMK Sultan Muhammad

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik announced that he is pushing for a streamless school system, which he aims to start next year

Under this implementation, Dr Maszlee said Form Four students will no longer need to choose between arts and science stream after completing their Form Three Assessment (PT3), reported Malay Mail.

He said it is absurd that the current stream system causes students who are good in arts to pick up science, while those who are born scientists are forced to study arts

Image via Malay Mail

"So starting next year, science and arts students can choose and combine the subjects they like. I'm pushing for it," Dr Maszlee told a group of Malaysians during a working visit to Germany on 14 October, according to The Star.

"The really good ones will go to science while the less good ones will go to arts. Am I right?

"That's why there's a mismatch," he explained.

He said this system has caused many talents to go to waste.

"Those who do law should have become inventors. And many science students could have been linguists, Hollywood actors, accountants or good musicians, but they end up as doctors, spending most of their lives wasting time doing what they’re not really talented in," he said.

Instead of letting parents to decide for their children, Dr Maszlee said the Ministry will roll out artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help students decide what subjects to choose

With the AI technology coupled with big data, he said it will guide students into making better decisions for themselves, rather than relying on counsellors and parents.

"(For example) option one – you take this course and these subjects, you'll have the opportunity to go to these universities.

"And, if you go to these universities, you'll end up with certain jobs which the machine can predict the demand for when you finally graduate," he elaborated, adding that machines would not lie.

Dr Maszlee said in the future, the machine will analyse students' PT3 and psychometric results, activities, and coursework from Standard One until Form Three to produce better suggestions, reported Free Malaysia Today.

He also added that Form Five students will be able to undergo the AI analysis after getting their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results next year so that they can better decide on what field to pursue in their tertiary education in.

In August, Dr Maszlee announced that primary school students will get free breakfast starting next year:

Here are other recent changes Dr Maszlee has made in our education system:

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