Ophthalmologist Dr Muhaya Deletes Misogynistic Video After Facing Backlash Online

The eye doctor and motivational speaker said that women should "act dumb" because men prefer more docile partners with "lots of oestrogen".

Cover image via Datuk Professor Dr Muhaya Mohamad/Berita Harian & Twitter

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Datuk Professor Dr Muhaya Mohamad has deleted a video of her advising women that they should "act dumb" in order to find a spouse after receiving backlash on social media

Malay Mail reported yesterday, 9 June, that the eye specialist and motivational speaker deleted the controversial video titled 'Why Women Are Slow To Get Married?'

Muhaya — who often uploads videos related to medical and religious advice — said, "Women should appreciate men for their strength. They are the leaders."

"Don't try too hard to liberate and compete with men. If you are busy trying to do what men do, your testosterone levels will increase and women who are not married will find it difficult to find a husband," she said in the now deleted 56-second long video.

She said that women with high testosterone levels are goal-driven and who want to achieve independence will most likely have a tough time attracting a male suitor.

"Men like women who are gentle, high in oestrogen, expecting, and need help, women who act dumb. That's fine," she added.

The doctor ended the video — which its reshared version has 1.5 million views on Twitter — by saying, "Women who are slow to get married, pay attention to what kind of character you have."

Image via Twitter

Muhaya's video also implied the belief that women should celebrate male leadership and strength according to religious views

She made comments in the video highlighting that no matter how successful women are professionally, when it comes to religion, women are placed behind their male counterparts.

"All imams are men, prophets were also men," she explained her view.

"Let's say in the office you have a general worker who's male and a female CEO, when you're praying, the man is still leading you no matter what."

After the publication of the controversial video, netizens took to social media to share their disagreement towards Muhaya's remarks

Many women expressed their outrage online, saying they would never degrade themselves for the sake of men.

Image via Twitter

Some men were also ready to rebut the motivational speaker's misogynistic views.

Image via Twitter

London-based Malaysian Dr Amalina Bakri also gave her views on the video.

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