This Social Enterprise Collaborates With DHL To Deliver Backpacks To Schools In Sarawak

The kids designed T-shirts that were sold to fund the bags!

Cover image via Dreamr

Dreamr is a social enterprise that focuses on supporting
children’s education by collaborating with startups, corporates, and the Ministry of Education (MOE)

Through the sale of products inspired by the children's creativity, as well as offering social-impact projects to companies across all industries in Malaysia, Dreamr is able to help support schoolkids in underprivileged communities. 

Working closely with MOE, Dreamr is able to identify states, districts, schools, and even specific students who need help. With approval from the ministry, they are then able to provide educational and social support.

Together with DHL Express, Dreamr recently delivered backpacks to two remote schools in Sarawak

Image via Dreamr

SK Kampung Sawai in Daro and SK Nanga Peraran in Kapit are the first schools to receive brand new Dreamr backpacks for all their incoming students.

Committed to funding more backpacks to other remote schools, Dreamr continues to sell its products online and through its retail partner A Piece of Malaysia (APOM).

Image via Dreamr

The coolest thing is that the kids are part of the creative process!

With the support of MOE, Dreamr organised a state-wide art competition themed Malaysian Wildlife among remote primary schools in Sarawak.

Hundreds of kids participated and the competition resulted in the creation of T-shirts and other products featuring the winning artwork! The sales of the children's creations fund backpacks and other supplies for the participating schools. 

Meet Reynold. His winning T-shirt design helped fund new backpacks for his schoolmates! <3

“We are also thrilled to be able to finally complete the full cycle of our program, which hopefully inspires young generations to believe in themselves, seeing that even young children from remote schools can create products of value that can in turn support their own communities,” said Dreamr co-founder, Stan Zabolotsky.

Last month, Dreamr made headlines for their collaboration with HappyFresh. Together they provided healthy breakfasts to students at a school in Cheras.

Kudos to the kids, Dreamr, and all their partners! Follow Dreamr on Instagram for updates.

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