Driver Of An Overturned Lorry Left In Tears As Nearby Villagers Looted His Oranges


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An ill-fated truck driver burst into tears after his truck overturned on a highway in eastern China and nearby residents rushed to loot his produce

Image via MiaoPai

According to Shanghaiist, the truck - carrying oranges - overturned on a highway in rural Jiangxi province last Sunday, 6 November.

The driver was on his first long-distance trip transporting oranges from Hunan province with his nephew.

When the oranges spilled all over the road, villagers living within the vicinity rushed out. Instead of helping the poor man, they began looting his fruits.

Image via MiaoPai
Image via MiaoPai

Video from the incident shows the driver trying to stop the looters, but was attacked for doing so.

The man eventually gave up on trying to salvage his produce and broke down into tears on the side of the road

The poor man broke down after failing to recover his stolen fruits.

Image via MiaoPai

The looting only stopped after police arrived. The driver was still crying, as he talked to reporters.

You can watch the heartbreaking video below:

In another part of China, this woman has gone to desperate lengths by selling herself on social media in order to raise money for her sick mum’s cancer treatment:

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