Drivers In China Have Figured Out A "Creative" Way To Avoid Traffic Fines...

Creative, but crazy. So crazy.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

In a creative but totally crazy bid to evade traffic summons, some Chinese drivers are hiring people to cling onto the front of their vehicles to cover the license plate numbers

Yeah, people are actually willing to do that for money. Let that sink in for a second.

Image via CCTV News

This practice is especially notorious in Lijiang county in Guangxi province, where the authorities have imposed a number-based traffic restriction in a particular stretch of road is used by many freight vehicles to ease traffic jams

Image via Live Leak

The restriction, adopted by authorities last year, limits the number of vehicles on the road at any point of time by allowing only certain vehicles to use the road at specific times of the day according to their license plates.

In milder cases, drivers have used sticker decals and toothpaste to obscure or change their license plate numbers. Local police, however, stressed that they will tighten a crackdown on drivers who do so.

Sticker decals that look

Image via Car News China

A police officer wiping off toothpaste from a Porche's license plate.

Image via AutoBlog

Think that's crazy? Wait 'til you hear about what happened to these car owners in other parts of China:

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