Chinese Police Have The Perfect Punishment For Drivers Who Misuse High Beam Lights

Unorthodox but it works.

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Insensitive drivers who misuse blinding high beam lights are quite possibly the most irritating thing someone could face on the road

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It's a terrible and inconsiderate move, really.

Annoyed by this constant occurrence, police in the city of Shenzhen have introduced an "eye for an eye" punishment for these insensitive drivers:

One of the first offenders to take part in the punishment.

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"From now on, traffic police will make those found carelessly using bright headlights stare into them for an entire minute," the police force announced on Tuesday, 1 November, on their Weibo account.

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Offenders are also fined 300 yuan (RM185), lose points on their license and made to recite regulations on the proper use of headlights.

The punishment was first tested in 2014, but the earlier arrangement sought a longer ordeal of five minutes on the driver’s end. Many thought it was a joke.

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If there's one thing you need to know about China is that they don't joke around.

Now, the police have brought back the punishment and upgraded to using a chair specially designed for the violation

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Image via Weibo

The practice seemed to have gained the approval of many netizens, with some even saying that it should be implemented country wide.

Some also said the punishment did not go far enough. "Traffic police comrades, I believe this kind of punishment is not right, it's inhumane, they should have to look for five minutes," suggested one Weibo user.

Shenzhen's police force are known for their unconventional punishments. Last year, they made jaywalkers choose between paying a hefty fine or directing traffic wearing a green hat and vest.

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Now, these guys are really having fun at work. #jobgoals

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