[VIDEO] "Duit Saya" — Man Fills Pothole On His Own & Reminds Local Council Who Did The Job

"This is my money. This is your money. This is not YB's money," he said.

Cover image via @NaratifRakyat (X)

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A man is going viral for patching up a pothole in Taman Sentosa, Klang, using his own money and drawing attention to the inaction of the local authorities

X user @NaratifRakyat posted a video of the individual painting the words "Duit saya (My money)" on a freshly tarred road patch.

"This is my money. This is your money. This is not YB's money," he says to the camera while pointing at the road.

"I'm writing this so that [the Klang Municipal Council (MPK)] will not claim [it is their work]. If I don't write this, we'll be using our own money but they will claim it [as their work]," he added.

According to the video's caption, a pothole had caused a motorcyclist to fall, which prompted the man to take it upon himself to patch the road.

"Despite complaining to the Sentosa assemblyman, there has been no action. In the end, the public will fix it with their own money! What's the point of having a government like this?" read the caption.

The video has garnered over 260,000 views, with netizens commending the man for taking the initiative to fix the road hazard

"Thank you for fixing the road. What's his name? Please vote for him in the upcoming general election," said an X user.

Image via X

"Pity our people, we have to use our own money [to fix a pothole] even though we pay taxes," said another.

Image via X

Another said, "I hope uncle keeps all his receipts to claim from his taxes. The motorcyclist should also claim back his road tax. No matter how many times the government changes, these things stay the same."

Image via X

As the video went viral, Sentosa assemblyperson Gunarajah George, also known as YB Gunaraj, responded to the issue

In a Facebook post yesterday, 10 January, Gunaraj acknowledged that the road in question, Jalan Hulubalang in Taman Sentosa, was often damaged due to heavy rain and and the presence of heavy vehicles.

"The area's [previous] council member had advised MPK to take action and repair the road, but there was no follow-up before their term ended, and the new council member will begin work on 15 January," he wrote.

"We will meet with MPK again this [Wednesday] to ensure that the repair of all damaged roads in Taman Sentosa and Klang is prioritised," he added.

Gunaraj also thanked the man for fixing the road on his own accord and promised, once again, to advise MPK to take immediate action to ensure the safety of road users.

Watch the viral video here:

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