Ebit Lew Slammed For Making "Fake" Homeless & Religious Content With Indonesian Influencer

Netizens exposed that the alleged homeless woman in Ebit's TikTok video was actually an influencer and model.

Cover image via @ustazebitlew (TikTok)

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Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew was recently chastised for posting a series of TikTok videos with an alleged homeless woman in Jakarta, Indonesia

In a video that he posted on Wednesday, 31 May, the woman was seen lying on top of a piece of cardboard at the side of the street.

She was then approached by Ebit, who sat next to her and gave her money to ease her burdens.

The video then shows Ebit taking her to an indoor space and preaching to her, during which she began to cry and pray to God.

The woman was also given a telekung to wear, which she immediately put on and began smiling from ear to ear.

"Pray for Mondy, in Jakarta, Indonesia," wrote Ebit in the caption of the TikTok video.

The woman in the video, however, turned out to be Mondy, an Indonesian influencer with over one million followers on TikTok

Before Ebit posted his video, Mondy often posts numerous videos on her TikTok account, @mondy_tattoo, of her life as a model.

In a clip that she posted on 25 May, during the week Ebit posted his videos of her alleged homelessness, Mondy graciously posed for a photoshoot while donning a shoulderless wedding gown.

Image via Twitter

Since the video was published, a Twitter user has made a thread calling Ebit a religious charlatan for making exploitive content

"You used to 'act' in Malaysia and Palestine, but now you're doing it in Indonesia too? Don't you feel bad using religion for content?" they asked.

They also posted a TikTok video that Mondy uploaded on 4 June, in which she was seen happily walking down a street while wearing a traditional Indonesian wedding gown.

"I'm sorry, I don't hate Ebit Liew, but I hate people who use religion to gain popularity," they added.

"You're no longer relevant in Malaysia and now you're causing trouble elsewhere. May God guide Ebit Lew so he could change."

Image via Twitter

Other netizens also realised more red flags surrounding the video that Ebit posted, pointing each of them out on Twitter

One Twitter user pointed out that Mondy had braces on in the video, which is perplexing as the corrective device is expensive.

Image via Twitter

Another commented on Mondy's tattoos and explained that having that much body art would cost a lot of money.

"Tattoos aren't that cheap and look at how many tattoos she has. Her tattoos look like they were made by a professional tattooist too," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

"That hair dye is new and the roots might be around one month old. The dye hasn't even washed off yet," wrote another.

"That nail polish is also new. Yes, it may look chipped but look at the nail roots and their growth. It might only be a week old," they added.

Image via Twitter

You can find Ebit's video below:

Meanwhile, Ebit Lew has been charged for sexual harassment:

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