An Immigration Officer In JB Stamped Eight Singaporeans' Passports Wrongly

A viral message claims that the incident happened when the writer was entering Johor Bahru recently.

Cover image via Facebook via Fabrications About The PAP

A total of eight passports were wrongly stamped at the Malaysian immigration in Johor Bahru recently, according to a viral message that has been circulating on social media

The writer of the message, believed to be a Singaporean, cautioned others to be vigilant and lookout for any possible errors on immigration stamps when entering Malaysia.

This is because the writer, who was travelling to Johor Bahru with a few other people recently, claimed that their passports - not one but altogether eight passports - had been wrongly stamped.

"Our family and good friends know just how often we enter Johor Bahru but despite being regulars, we have never been complacent when it comes to checking our passports. Yesterday, something happened that made us glad that we were alert and 'anal' about checking the accuracy of the stamps.

"To our horror, we realised that the date was incorrect! The officer had actually stamped '4 October' instead of '4 November'. On all eight passports, no less," the viral message read.

Thanks to their usual practice of checking passports, they managed to spot the erroneous stamping

According to the writer and a photo accompanying the message, the mistake was immediately rectified after the officer was informed of the error.

Based on the photo, the wrong stamp showing 4 October 2017 was voided manually, while a new stamp with the correct date showing 4 November was spotted just below it.

Such erroneous immigration stamp on passports could lead to complications when the passport holder exits the foreign country.

The writer of the message reminded the public to check their passports whenever they are travelling, even if they are regular travellers to Johor Bahru

"So, please remember to always check no matter how often you enter Malaysia.

Things to look out for:
1. Date of stamp.
2. Type and colour of stamps: Blue and rectangle when entering, red and triangle when you exit.
3. If you are using MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System), please make sure they scan your passport."

It was learned that a similar incident happened to a Singaporean earlier this year

In April, a Singaporean wrote a viral open letter published on online portal All Singapore Stuff, sharing about how his passport was wrongly stamped with the wrong date.

"When you cross into Johor Bahru, Malaysia for your shopping trips, always check your passport when the customs return to you. See this passport stamp, Malaysia customs chop the passport but put the date as 32 April?

"You need to be vigilant and check your passports or you will have problem exiting Malaysia later and they will detain you for this error!" the open letter read.

Do remember to check your passports, particularly the immigration stamp information, to avoid running into problems when exiting the country you're visiting.

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