A Pet Owner Is Offering RM1,540 For The Return Of His Missing Pet Rooster

The man adopted the rooster, whom he named Chicky, five years ago.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily / Facebook

A Singaporean man is offering the public SGD500 (RM1,540) for the return of his pet rooster 'Chicky' who went missing three weeks ago

31-year-old violinist Ang Shao-wen said that he adopted Chicky five years ago when he found the baby chick wandering alone by the roadside

Chicky has distinctively-coloured feathers that sets him apart from other wild chickens.

Image via Lost and found pets in Singapore

"Chicky is the offspring of wild chickens in the Cornwall Gardens area. I decided to partially domesticate him after he was abandoned by his mother hen as a baby chick," Ang wrote in a Facebook post.

Ang said that Chicky is given free rein of the backyard and even outside the house. The rooster would usually returns home when Ang calls for him in the evening.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Speaking to Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News, Ang said that he does not keep Chicky in a cage. 

"Every night, Chicky will sleep in the backyard and leave the house in the day to wander around the neighbourhood. But he did not come home when I called for him three weeks ago," Ang said. 

"Although he is free to roam and fly during the day, I call him in to sleep at night because of predators," Ang added in a Facebook post. 

Ang has stuck about 50 notices around Cornwall Gardens, hoping that the public will come forward with information on Chicky's wherabouts. Ong is also considering offering a SGD500 reward if anyone finds Chicky.

Ang said that Chicky is quite intelligent and can understand human speech. 

"Every evening, when I call Chicky by his name, he will obediently come back to the backyard to turn in for the night," he told Shin Min Daily News. 

"Chicky is not an average animal but I'm afraid that because we raised him, he's not afraid of humans and will not know to hide when he gets caught." 

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