Elderly Grab Driver's Car Damaged After 26-Year-Old Man Jumps Onto It For No Reason

Fearing for his safety, the driver didn't confront him.

Cover image via Belleiansa Xu Facebook

An elderly Grab driver's car was damaged after a man jumped and stomped on it for no apparent reason

The incident, which happened on 5 May in St James Power Station, Singapore was made known by Belleiansa Xu - whose real name is Alan Koh - on Facebook. Koh claimed to be the son of the driver. 

The post has gone viral, with over 8,000 shares and hundreds of comments. 

In the post, Koh explained how the group of young people bullied his 72-year-old father, who had dropped off a passenger at a nightclub at 3am

As the Grab driver turned into a one-way street, a man dressed in a cap and black T-shirt is seen running towards the vehicle. He then jumped onto the car bonnet, prompting Koh's dad to sound the honk. 

He didn't stop there. The man proceeded to step on the windscreen before climbing on top of the vehicle, causing it to shake as he steps out of frame.

His friends could be seen laughing in the background, presumably amused by the stunt.

Fearing for his safety, the elderly driver reportedly drove off without confronting the group.

The 26-year-old man has since been arrested and charged in court for committing a rash act

The Straits Times revealed that Chee Chu Siong, who turned 26 last week, was offered bail of SGD5,000 and will be back in court on 24 May.

If convicted, he can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to SGD2,500.

Meanwhile, the elderly man's car was damaged and repair fee is estimated at around SGD14,967

Image via Mothership

Mothership contacted Koh, who revealed the exorbitant cost required to fix his father's car through a quoted sum by a service centre. 

The damaged parts and accessories include a rooftop panel and windscreen solar film.

Koh also told Mothership that Chee was at that time agreeable to pay the compensation in full.

Here's the post in full:

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Image via SAYS

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