Driver On NKVE Escapes Death After Iron Rod Almost Impaled Her Through Car Windscreen


A woman cruising along NKVE had a close brush with death after a sharp metal rod pierced through the car's windscreen and nearly impaled her forehead

NKVE highway.

Image via Harian Metro

Chinese daily Sinchew reported that the kindergarten teacher was driving on the highway on Friday, 27 April when the incident happened. 

When interviewed, the 39-year-old woman, known only as Yang, said the three-foot iron rod appeared out of nowhere. However, she speculated it could have been a loose part of a truck that was travelling in front of her.

Image via Sinchew

After the rod struck her, she immediately pulled over to the emergency lane and checked her injuries. She then drove herself to the hospital, assuming it was just a minor cut wound

The three-foot metal rod.

Image via Sinchew

Doctors found that she had in fact fractured part of her skull and needed surgery

Image via Sinchew

Her condition is being reported as stable and is expected to make a swift recovery.

Yang has lodged a police report, as she hopes to caution motorists to always be vigilant on the road.

With GE14 just around the corner, we foresee busy roads and heavy traffic this week. Drive safe, be mindful of your surroundings, and stay alert at all times!

Image via Tenor

In other news, a Twitter user recently alleged that the KTM train her father was driving was repeatedly pelted with stones:

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