Male Workers At A Chinese Firm Apparently "Begged" Their Female Manager To Slap Them

Why? ¯\\_(ツ)_//¯.

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So...there's a video floating on the Internet that shows six men, presumably employees at a Chinese firm, who are standing in a line as a woman, in similar attire, slaps them one by one, back and forth

Image via Daily Mail

The six men apparently begged for the unique punishment for not working as hard as they should, claims the unnamed real estate firm

According to multiple reports, the male employees of the real estate agency in central China came up with the idea after they were criticised for not working hard enough and failing to live up to their responsibilities as employees.

An employee at the real estate company reportedly claims that woman, who is the female manager, had asked the agents "what should the punishment be for not working hard", to which the male agents urged her to slap them in the face.

However, when the female manager did not agree to the punishment, the six male employees then begged her repeatedly to do so, according to Daily Mail.

Image via Daily Mail

Reportedly, both the employees and the female manager were said to be crying during the punishment. Watch the video here:

The above punishment, however, is not a one-off thing

Companies in China routinely subject their employees, male and female both, to some absolutely absurd ways of discipline and punishment in the name of "inspiring" them.

In January 2017, Tencent, the largest Internet company in Asia, organised a humiliating and sexually suggestive game at a division's annual party, where female employees were made to give their male colleagues simulated blowjobs on stage.

Prior to that in 2016, Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank in China hired a motivational trainer to publicly spank a number of its employees with a wooden plank for failing to "exceed themselves" during training.

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